Making an appointment

Students must call 514-398-6017 to make an appointment. Our phone lines are open from 10:00am – 4:00pm, Monday - Friday. Due to high demand, we ask that you be patient while waiting for your call to be answered.  Depending on the number of calls in our queue, you may hear a recorded message asking you to call back later in the day.


Types of appointments

Students can be seen for general check-ups, prescription renewals, STI testing, PAP smears, referrals and third party-physicals. General and/or travel immunizations appointments with a nurse are also available.  Unsure if you should book an appointment or come to our urgent care clinic? Please contact us and our staff will be able to assist you. 

On the day of your appointment

You must arrive at the clinic reception 20 minutes before your appointment in order to register. If you arrive late, you may be asked to reschedule.

Students must present their valid McGill ID card as well as either their provincial health care card or the McGill Blue Cross health insurance card. We also accept CIDA, CIGNA, COWAN and Great-West Life insurance. If you do not bring your card, you will be asked to pay for the visit. Please see the section on Insurance for more information.

Students are required to sign the consent form which allows us to use our electronic software.  Students who don't agree to sign the consent form will not be able to use our clinic. 

Cancellation policy

If you need to cancel your appointment, you must call us 24 hours in advance. When you call, you do not need to wait to speak to an agent, as there is a cancellation option on our phone lines that allows you to leave your full name, McGill ID number and the date/time of the appointment  you wish to cancel. Students who do not call to cancel will be charged $25.00, as the clinic can reassign these canceled spots when given the proper notice.


Please note: To access services, you must be currently enrolled and paying the Student Services fee. The fee is automatically charged to the student account of undergraduate students, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows every fall and winter term. Certain other categories of students may opt to pay a fee to use the services.