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Congratulations, you’ve been accepted to complete an exchange at McGill! Once the admission offer has been extended and accepted by the student, students can then register for courses in Minerva.

For the academic year: 2022-2023, you may register as of:

  • Fall 2022: Friday, June 3, 2022
  • Winter 2023: Thursday, December 1, 2022

A full-time course load at McGill is considered as 12-15 credits per term. Exchange students are not permitted to take more than 15 credits per term.

McGill's course calendar includes a full description of courses available and university regulations which will govern your stay at McGill.

The courses listed on your exchange application serve only as a guide when evaluating the application for admission. Most courses have limited enrolment, and course access and registration to any given course is not guaranteed, but is subject to availability, and may be subject to the approval of a McGill adviser. Successful completion of courses does not guarantee entrance into a future degree program at McGill. It is understood that limited enrolment, normal timetabling and scheduling constraints apply to all students, including exchange students.

The following courses, among others, are not open to exchange students:

  • courses offered at McGill University by some professional faculties that are restricted to degree candidates in their programs;
  • research project courses and thesis courses;
  • special topics courses.


It is your responsibility to ensure

  • To register for courses in Minerva for each term you will be here on exchange
  • You have the required prerequisites for courses
  • Some faculties require manual registration, refer to their websites for further information:
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