Pot jobs are 'legion' but Canadian cannabis companies struggling to find workers

Published: 12Sep2018

The weed industry is booming but cannabis companies are struggling with a growing problem: finding the right employees in the run-up to Canada legalizing recreational marijuana in October....

Cannabis PhD takes higher education to a new level

Published: 10Sep2018

There will doubtless be more and more postgraduate degrees based on cannabis production after it has been legalized, says Anja Geitmann, dean of agriculture at Montreal’s McGill University. “I’m...

Cannabis growth gets creative with cutting-edge technology: Aeroponics


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Health experts raise concerns over cannabis drinks and lack of details from Ottawa

Published: 7Nov2017

Unlike alcohol, which kills bacteria and toxins, Lawrence Goodridge argues, integrating cannabis in the place of alcohol may require a very different production process. “Because cannabis is a...