Inter-University Transfers

Quebec University Studies - including Summer term

The Quebec Inter-University Transfer (IUT) agreement permits concurrent registration at McGill and another Quebec institution.

BCL/JD students are only permitted to take up to 6 outside Law credits* or 6 outside Non-Law credits**. For more information, see also McGill's eCalendar section on IUTs.

Open to students who have completed the first year of the BCL/JD Program, and all first year required courses.

McGill students wishing to take courses at other Quebec universities must follow the procedures and deadlines set by the host institution.

List of Summer 2020 Courses offered at other Quebec universities.

PDF icon Cours-ete-2020-Facultés de Droit Quebec

Distance learning pilot project

During the summer term only, students may take 6 outside Law credits* or outside Non-Law credits** via online learning or "at a distance." This is a summer COVID-19 project, after which time the Faculty will re-evaluate.

Application Deadlines:

Fall term: August 15
Winter term: December 15
Summer term: April 15 (May courses), May 15 (June courses), June 15 (July courses)

As a general rule, requests submitted after the deadline will not be approved.

If there are extenuating circumstances, after the deadline, a student may contact SAO (iut [at] for special permission to submit a late request.

If the extenuating circumstances warrant the late request, the SAO will send email notification in support of the student’s late request, as such that the request can be processed.

During the term of your IUT, you will pay McGill tuition.

For course approval requests as of Summer 2020, use the new and improved interface AEHE where you log in with your McGill username and password. The IUT/AEHE application is optimized for use with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Watch this short video on using the new interface.

Application Procedure

Information on the Quebec Inter-University Transfer Agreement (IUT) and general guidelines on the current inter-university transfer procedures are available at

  • To apply for an Inter-University Transfer, you will need to use the on-line AEHE-IUT form . Your application will be reviewed by the Student Affairs Office, and once approved, it will be sent to the host institution for review. The host university may require you to complete further steps — contact them for details. To make sure you meet the host university’s registration deadlines, apply well in advance.  Make sure to check the course availability and prerequisite requirements via the host university's course offerings prior to submitting your application.
  • Courses traditionally offered by the Faculty of Law, McGill University, will not be approved.
  • Courses must be offered at the degree level (i.e. bachelor level)
  • All required and complementary courses must be completed at the Faculty of Law, McGill University.

Transfer Credits

  • Transfer credits will appear on your transcript once final grades are received.
  • Final grades are automatically submitted to McGill via AEHE.
  • Grades earned at the host university will not be included in your McGill grade point averages (GPA) or show on your McGill transcripts.
  • Withdrawn, failed, or excluded courses will also appear on your McGill transcript at the time of transfer credit assessment but will not reflect in your credit and GPA calculations.
  • A minimum grade of “C”  must be achieved in order to receive transfer credits.
  • For further details, please see the Quebec Inter-University Transfer Agreement: McGill Students.

*Outside Law Credits are approved courses taken at other faculties of law.
**Outside Non-Law Credits are approved courses taken at other universities, outside of law schools.

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