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Request/Remove Channels Permissions

Only a Site Sponsor or a Site Administrator is authorized to submit this form. If a site manager who is not a Site Administrator submits the form, the request will be denied. 

If you do not know who the Site Sponsor or Site Administrator is for your site, contact the IT Service Desk to find out before submitting this form. 

  • Site Sponsor: a.k.a. site owner, is typically the unit head, e.g., Dean, Chair, Director, Senior Manager, or delegate. 
  • Site Administrator: a site manager appointed by the Site Sponsor to this role of responsibility for the site. 
  • Site Manager: an individual with site manager permissions but who is not necessarily the Site Administrator; a site can have multiple site managers. 

Use this webform to request (or revoke) permissions to create News and Events in a Channel on the McGill Web Management System. 

To update who is designated as Site Sponsor or Site Administrator, the Site Sponsor can contact the IT Service Desk.

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