Don't give your privacy away!

Your privacy is an important matter these days. You can make a difference!

Here are 5 tips to protect your privacy:

  1. You need to understand what data the app provider will access and what they can do with this data. Before you click “I agree”, read the terms & conditions. Watch the “Safely Use Cloud Apps” video. 
  2. Regularly review and adjust your privacy settings in the various apps that you use.
  3. Minimize the personal information you share online. Oversharing can lead to revealing unintended information about yourself resulting in a violation of your privacy.
  4. Not only protect your own privacy, but also that of your colleagues and friends. Don’t share their personal information without their consent.
  5. Only use McGill approved cloud apps to protect your privacy. Using an unapproved cloud app for your personal use is your decision but using an unapproved cloud app for McGill business is not! 

The following list highlights some approved and unapproved apps frequently used at McGill. For a more comprehensive list, see McGill Approved / Rejected Cloud Services.   

If used for
Mcgill business
Approved Not vetted
File sharing OneDrive for business Drop box or Google Drive
Email & calendar Use Office 365 (Outlook) Slack or Gmail
Videoconferencing MS Teams or Webex

FaceTime, WhatsApp, Google Meet, Google Hangouts

Note taking OneNote Evernote

Want to know more?

We know that policies and directives can be difficult to understand. We have worked on making the IT Policies easier to grasp and will continue to do so.

Check out the updated and more user-friendly IT Policies and Cloud Services webpages! 

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