There’s a new Teams in town!

Microsoft is always updating its software, its latest update is the New Teams.

As of March 1st, 2024, the New Teams will be automatically installed on all McGill managed computers.

Until March 31st, users can switch between Classic and New Teams but after that date, New Teams will be the default version and Microsoft will uninstall Classic Teams, so switching back will no longer be possible.

The New Teams is…

Faster: The app will be up to twice as fast while consuming up to 50% less resources.

Simpler: A more polished, responsive User experience that’s easier to navigate so you can get more done.

Smarter: The foundation for next-generation AI experience will help you work smarter and level-up your productivity.

More flexible: It's easier to switch between multiple Microsoft 365/Teams accounts.

What is changing?

Here is a basic comparison between the Classic Teams and the New Teams features.


Classic Teams

Modern Teams


Traditional layout with a focus on simplicity and ease of navigation.

Updated, more intuitive design with streamlined navigation.


Stable, but may feel slower compared to the modern version due to older architecture.

Enhanced performance with faster load times and improved responsiveness.

Collaboration Tools

Standard collaboration tools including chat, meetings, and file sharing.

Advanced collaboration features, such as integrated apps and workflows, better meeting experiences.


Limited customization options for teams and channels.

Extensive customization options, including the ability to integrate a wide range of third-party apps and services.

Security and Compliance

Basic security features and compliance capabilities.

Enhanced security features and advanced compliance tools, reflecting the latest in data protection and governance.

Integration with Office 365

Seamless integration with Office 365 apps, but with some limitations in advanced features.

Deeper integration with Office 365, offering more advanced features and smoother workflows.

Support for External Users

Support for external guests with some restrictions.

Improved support for external collaboration, with easier access and better control for guests.

Updates and Evolution

Receives essential updates, but new features are primarily developed for the modern version.

Regularly updated with new features and improvements to enhance productivity and user experience.

Do you want to know more about the new features of Microsoft Teams?

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