McGill wins EPEAT 2020 award for sustainable IT purchasing

The Green Electronics Council holds an annual awards ceremony to recognize leaders who follow the EPEAT standard guidelines for IT procurement. McGill University is proud to be among the winners of this year’s award for our continued dedication to environmentally sound electronics purchases, a large part of our overall strategy for sustainable IT asset management.

This 2020 EPEAT purchaser award marks 7 years of McGill University's efforts to purchase more sustainable electronics. During this time, we have increasingly used EPEAT as a specification in our minimum standard requirements for purchasing computers, displays, televisions, printers and cell phones.

Use of the EPEAT ecolabel, in our calls for tenders, simplifies our sourcing for more sustainable electronics, and allows us to purchase from manufacturers whose activities and products are aligned with our University’s sustainability vision and ambitions.

Our community cares about progress and continuous improvement in our suppliers’ sustainability efforts. And, just as we have a Sustainability Strategy, a Supplier Code of Conduct, and a Carbon neutrality objective for 2040, we are happy to support industry leaders with similar objectives and commitments. 

Thank you to the Green Electronics Council for recognizing our small contribution.

Stephanie Leclerc, Sustainable Procurement Program Manager at McGill University

Video acceptance speech

Stephanie Leclerc accepted the award on McGill's behalf

The infographic below shows the positive environmental impact and cost savings of $136,303 over the lifetime of McGill's 3,178 EPEAT-registered purchases in 2019.

EPEAT sustainable purchaser 2020 - infographic

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