Law 21 and your career

Introduction to Law 21

Law 21 is a law that applies only within Quebec and entails the legalization of prohibiting religious symbols (for example, the kippah, turban, niqab, and hijab) within the public sector. Since teaching professions take place mainly within the public sector, it is our priority to inform students affected by Law 21 of careers in education that are possible to pursue.

Learn more about the impact of Law 21 on Education Faculties in Quebec by reading this article.


Options to consider if your teaching career is impacted by Law 21


Teaching careers in private education

  • Some private elementary and secondary schools in Quebec are not publicly funded (by MEES), and therefore are not subject to follow Law 21 in their hiring practices - view full list here

  • Educators can also teach adults in non-subsidized private colleges - view full list here


Careers in private education companies - tutoring or educational technology

  • Tutoring services (online or in-person) and education companies are not in the public sector, and therefore are not subject to follow Law 21 in their hiring practices

  • Educators can work for companies such as Paper Education, Brightside Education, Oxford Learning, and more!*


Administration-related careers at higher education institutions (CÉGEPs & Universities)

Look for these job titles when searching for administration-related careers:

  • Internship and/or Placement Coordinator

  • Student Affairs Administrator

  • Student Recruitment Associate

  • Administration Technician

  • Skills Development Officer

  • Administrative Assistant

  • University Advancement Officer


Pursue Higher Education (i.e. Masters, PhD) for alternative careers

Combine your teaching degree with an additional degree to unlock alternative career pathways:

  • Education & Society

  • School/Applied Child Psychology

  • Educational Technology

  • Curriculum Development

  • Educational Leadership

  • Human Resources

  • Public Relations

  • Communication Studies


If you may have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact / book an individual appointment with the [at] (subject: Law%2021%20and%20my%20teaching%20career) (Education Career Advisor), Lara Franko.


*Please note that the McGill Faculty of Education does not endorse any particular companies/websites/services; the listing is for your information only.



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