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#ConsentMcGill - Journaling for Self-Care Workshop and Peer Support Event

Tuesday, September 12, 2023 15:00to17:00
SSMU Building, Room 203, SSMU Building 3480 Mc Tavish St, Montreal, CA
#ConsentMcGill - Journaling for Self-Care Workshop and Peer Support Event

OSVRSE, CL&E and the Student Wellness Hub invite you to take part in a self-care journaling workshop from 3 to 4pm, where participants will be introduced to journaling as a creative tool for self-expression and resilience. The workshop will be facilitated by Mira Rozenberg, a therapist from the Student Wellness Hub, who will guide participants in learning how to use journaling and creative expression as an outlet for their emotions. The workshop will focus on providing practical journaling tips and tools that can help participants re/discover their own internal resources for dealing with intense emotions and distress.

The workshop will be followed by a meet and greet from 4 to 5pm with an array of the peer support groups available for students at McGill. For students, this is an opportunity to learn about where you can get support directly from your peers, a great and accessible way of accessing resources.

Snacks and light refreshments will be provided. 


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