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First Friend

Meet your first friend, but definitely not your last.

Sign up for your First Friend.

To help ease your transition to McGill, International Student Services (ISS), a proud member of Student Services, invites you to connect with one another based in your region of the world as part of our First Friend Program! First Friend is a peer-to-peer program where you’ll be matched with a fellow new McGill student (not to be confused with a mentorship program). The Immigration process can be stressful while applying for and waiting for your documents to arrive. It can be helpful to have a regional friend to chat with. Additionally, we want to help you connect with your peers so you can make... a first friend.

Why should I sign up?

You’ll be matched with a new student in the same world region as you.

We aim to match you with another new student in the same level (i.e. U0/U1, grad vs. undergrad) and faculty as you. You can rely on your first friend if you have any questions about immigration documents, a class, a student association, or a program in your faculty.

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You can share your experiences, handy tips and tricks… and make a first friend.

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No need for training! You’ll only need to sign up and we’ll take care of the rest!

Sign up for your First Friend!

Once we match you with your First Friend, you will receive an email with your friend’s contact information and you can keep in touch throughout the semester! It’s that simple. 

If you have any questions, firstfriend.firstyear [at] (please email us).

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