Robert Sternszus

ROBERT STERNSZUS, MDCM, Med, FRCPC, is a Hospitalist Pediatrician and an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Health Sciences Education at McGill University. He also completed a Master’s degree in Educational and Counseling Psychology (Health Professions Stream) at McGill University in 2015. Dr. Sternszus is the Director of the Pediatrics Residency Training Program and the Co-Director of the Foundations in Medical and Health Sciences Education Elective at the Institute of Health Sciences Education. He is involved in the teaching of professionalism and communication skills as well as in researching resident role modeling, professional identity formation, medical student curiosity and the role of residents as teacher.

Current research interests: Resident role modeling; curiosity; professional identity formation.

E-mail: robert.sternszus [at]

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