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Associate Fellows

Malado Agne (2020-2021)

Malado AgneMalado Agne est enseignante à l’Institut des Droits de l’Homme et de la Paix (IDHP) de l’Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar. Docteure en droit de l’Université Le Havre-Normandie, elle a consacré sa thèse à l’étude du statut juridique de l’islam en France. Elle a enseigné le droit dans plusieurs universités, en France et au Sénégal. Elle a également travaillé dans le domaine de la justice.

Ses recherches portent sur les relations entre État et religion et sur les sources africaines du droit. Elle est affiliée au Centre Universitaire Rouennais d’Etudes Juridiques (CUREJ).

Elle poursuit actuellement un projet de recherche intitulé « Le Sénégal dans le contexte de la régulation internationale des migrations : aspects juridiques et politiques de la réception dans l'ordre étatique de sources exogènes. »

Edin Hodžić

Edin Hodžić

Edin Hodžić (DCL 2014) is co-founder, Director and Head of Public Law Program at Analitika – Center for Social Research from Sarajevo, a leading think-tank in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He holds a DCL from McGill University, LLM from the University of Oxford and BA in Law from the University of Sarajevo. Previously, among his several professional engagements, Edin worked on war crimes cases at the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and was Editor-in-Chief of The Pulse of Democracy (Puls demokratije), an online publication on legal and policy issues in BiH published by Open Society Fund Bosnia and Herzegovina. He worked on a number of research projects and published several books, papers and research reports in the broad field of public law, including a co-edited volume on media and minorities in South-East Europe, and a book on constitutional reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He acted as a consultant on numerous occasions, advising the government and international organizations alike. Recently, Edin advised UNDP and the BiH Council of Ministers in the course of drafting a comprehensive transitional justice strategy for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Edin’s research interests mostly lie in the fields of constitutional law and international human rights law, but he also remains committed to combining insights from political science and political theory. He is particularly focused on exploring the theory and practice of collective and minority rights and complexities of transitional justice.

Abdourahmane Seck (2020-2021)

Abdourahmane SeckDr Abdourahmane Seck est en poste à la Faculté des civilisations, des religions, des arts et de la communication de l'Université Gaston Berger de Saint-Louis, au Sénégal, où il enseigne au Centre d'étude des religions qu’il a dirigé entre 2012 et 2014. Il a une formation multidisciplinaire englobant la philosophie, l'anthropologie et l'histoire moderne et contemporaine de l'Afrique.

Dr Seck est l’auteur de nombreux travaux autour de la dynamique des liens sociaux, politiques et symboliques en Afrique, avec un accent particulier dans les domaines de la religion, des migrations et des historiographies décoloniales.

Il vient de co-fonder le Collectif décolonial : Groupe d’Action et d’Étude Critique - Africa (Gaec-Africa) et travaille sur un projet de recherche intitulé "L’Afrique peut-elle peser dans le débat migration et droit international?"

O'Brien Fellows in Residence

Omogboyega Abe - January - May 2020

Omogboyega Abe

Omo Abe is a law teacher, author, and policy consultant, with expertise in business and human rights, sustainable development, natural resources law, and environmental law. He has written about the scruffiness and injustices of adaptation and resilience planning as applicable to Nigeria’s Niger-Delta. He has also published extensively on oil and gas law, and the intersections of business, human rights and environment, as well as provided expert advice and opinion on extractive industries law in Africa. He is currently investigating how constitutional and governance organization can create transformative change for the people.

A prolific researcher and speaker, he sits on the Executive Council of the International Law Association, Nigerian Branch, and is a member of the Nigerian Association of Law Teachers, the International Bar Association, the Nigerian Bar Association and the Association of Professional Negotiators and Mediators. He is also the Managing Editor for the Journal of Comparative Law in Africa, University of Cape Town, South Africa, and a Member of the Editorial Board of the Pretoria University Law Press (PULP), University of Pretoria, South Africa.

Omo has studied in Nigeria, Hungary, South Africa, and the United States, where he spent time as a Fulbright Scholar at Loyola University, Chicago.

Pwaangulongii Dauod - November 2019 - September 2020

Pwaangulongii Dauod is a writer. Born in northern Nigeria, he studied Literature at the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, and earned an MFA Creative Writing from the University of Virginia. He is a Macdowell Colony Fellow. A winner of the 2018 Gerard Kraak Prize, Dauod has also been shortlisted for the Miles Morland Writing Scholarship and Short Story Day Africa Prize. He has written for Granta Magazine, The Evergreen Review, the Johannesburg Review of Books and Brittle Paper. He is currently working on a novel and a booklength essay.

Dorothy Estrada-Tanck - January - February 2020

Dorothy Estrada-Tanck

Dorothy Estrada-Tanck is Assistant Professor (tenure-track) of International Law and International Relations at the University of Murcia, Spain, and co-Director of the Legal Clinic of its Faculty of Law. She holds a PhD in Law from the European University Institute, an MSc in Political Theory from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and a law degree (Mexico City). She enjoys broad academic and professional experience in the United Nations, State bodies and NGOs in Mexico, Italy, the US and Spain, focusing on issues of human rights, migration, gender, and socio-economic justice.

Dorothy has published extensively in English and Spanish, and she is the author of Human Security and Human Rights under International Law: The Protections Offered to Persons Confronting Structural Vulnerability (Oxford: Hart Publishing 2016), which received the Best Book Prize 2017 of the Inter-American Bar Association Washington, D.C.).

Fatemeh Sadeghi Givi - September 2018 - August 2020

Fatemeh Sadeghi

Fatemeh Sadeghi is a researcher and lecturer of Political Science and Gender Studies in Iran. She is specialized in Political Thought, Gender Studies, Islamic Political Thoughts, and Iranian Politics. She obtained her PhD in Political Thought in 2004 from Tarbiat Modarres University in Tehran. From 2003 until 2008, she taught as assistant lecturer at the Faculty of Political Science of the Islamic Azad University of Karaj. She was also a co-editor of Goftogu, the Iranian journal of culture and society from 2003 and 2010, and a member of International Center for Dialogue among Civilizations in 2000-2001.

In 2007, she was granted a post-doc fellowship by SEPHIS and became an ISIM research fellow in Leiden. From 2009 to 2010, she worked as a research member of the Faculty of Social and Political Science at the University of Amsterdam. Currently she is working as independent scholar, researcher, translator and lecturer in Iran.

She has published several books and academic articles in both English and Persian. Her book in English, The Sin of the Woman: The Interrelations of Religious Judgments in Zoroastrianism and Islam (2018) was published by Claus-Schwartz Verlag in Berlin. Her books in Persian include Gender in Ethical Doctrines: From 3 to 9th Century Iran (2013), The Unveiling of the First Pahlavi: Rereading of a Modern Intervention (2013), Women, Power and Resistance in Post-revolutionary Iran (2012), Gender, Nationalism, and Modernity in the First Pahlavi (2006). Her translations from English into Persian include Leila Ahmad’s Women and Gender in Islam: The Historical Roots of a Modern Debate, Agnes Heller’s A Theory of Modernity, Asef Bayat’s Life and Politics, Reza Aslan's Zealot, and Betty Friedan’s Feminine Mystique.

O'Brien Graduate Fellows

See our page on Current Graduate Students & Postdocs to see which students have received O'Brien Fellowships.

Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Edit Frenyó, Steinberg Postdoctoral Fellow (See her bio on Grad Students & Postdocs)
  • Marina Sharpe, Banting Postdoctoral Fellow (See her bio on Grad Students & Postdocs)

Visiting Fellows

Mauro Cristeche - December 2019 - December 2020

Mauro Cristeche
Mauro Cristeche is a Researcher at Argentina's National Research Council (CONICET) and Assistant Professor of Constitutional Law at the National University of La Plata (UNLP), in Argentina. He is a Researcher and Board Member at the Institute of Legal Culture (UNLP), where he coordinates the Area “State, Public Policies and Rights”.

His area of research includes economic, social, and cultural rights (ESCR), welfare and labor policies, poverty, and inequality. He is also interested in theoretical debates on economic policies and legal issues from a critical perspective. His current project focuses on analyzing some of the main welfare policies in Argentina, their link with the labor market, and their impact on ESCR, and exploring a comparative perspective with other countries.

He holds a PhD in Law from the University of Buenos Aires in 2013. In 2015 he was an Erasmus Mundus postdoctoral scholar at the Department of Public Law, International and Community of University Degli Studi di Padova (Italy). In 2016 he received the Young Researcher Award from the National University of La Plata, for his scientific work at the Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences. In 2017 he obtained a Fulbright scholarship to a postdoctoral stay at the Department of Sociology of Johns Hopkins University (United States). He has developed academic activities in other Universities in Europe and America, and he is currently a visiting researcher at the CRIMT, University of Montreal. In 2019 he is publishing (co-authored) the book “Investigaciones sociojurídicas contemporáneas”. He was an O'Brien Fellow in Residence at the CHRLP from August to December 2019.

Reza Eslami - June 2019 - May 2020

Reza Eslami
Reza Eslami Somea (LLD'01, UdeM; LLM'94, McGill) is an Associate Professor of Human Rights and Director of the Human Rights Dept. at the Faculty of Law of Shahid Beheshti University (Tehran, Iran) since 2003. He has taught courses in other universities such as Queen's University (Kingston) and UN University for Peace (Costa Rica). He worked with UN agencies such as UNDP in Kabul for human rights treaty reporting workshops and human rights education seminars. He was a post-doctoral fellow at McGill under the supervision of late the Prof. H. Patrick Glenn in 2002-2004.

His area of research and teaching include civil and political rights, public liberties, rights of women and minorities, citizenship and democracy education, peace-building, and development. Reza has written and published extensively on human rights topics both in English and Persian. His books in English includes Human Rights Activism in Theory and Practice and Social and Economic Rights of Migrant Workers. His books in Persian includes Textbook on Civil and Political Rights for the Empowerment of Civil Society; Human Rights Education; Freedom of Assembly; and Privatization and the Development of Human Rights.

Reza has also published many articles in books and academic journals. His latest English articles include "Protecting the Rights of Minorities and National Security" in 2018 in India and "Peace Education in Iran: Challenges and Prospects" in 2014 in the Journal of Peacebuilding & Development. He has written more than 60 articles in Persian. His new books, namely, the Rights of Women in Rural Areas; the Right to the City; and International Development Law will be published in the Fall 2019 and 2020. Reza also organizes workshops on human rights topics for professionals such as journalists, lawyers and judges and travels often to attend conferences in the US, Europe, and the Middle east. He is also active in social media. His Telegram channel (dr_rezaeslami) for human rights advocacy is well known in Iranian academia.

Visiting Researchers

Carlos Vasconcelos - 2019-20520

Contact: carlos.vasconcelos2 [at] mail.mcgill.ca

Carlos Vasconcelos
A former Deputy Federal Prosecutor-General of Brazil and Professor of Criminal Sciences, Carlos Vasconcelos served for thirty years in the Prosecution Service, which included the investigation and prosecution of high-profile organised crime, corruption and similar federal crimes, and the judicial protection of indigenous populations. Before being a prosecutor, he acted as Public Defender, which included legal counseling to prisoners and defenses before the Jury.

His international experience includes a mission in East-Timor with the UN Administration, where he participated in the first investigations of atrocities and drafted resolutions to replace inadequate Indonesian legislation. Before the operation of the International Criminal Court (ICC), he co-drafted the first resolutions for the functioning of the Office of the Prosecutor (OTP). In Brazil, he participated in the committee set up by the Ministry of Human Rights to draft the bill of law to adapt the national legislation to the Rome Statute that created the ICC.

Mr. Vasconcelos has a master’s degree in Public Law from the University of Brasília and a specialization course in Civil Procedure from the Brazilian Institute of Procedural Law. He was a visiting researcher at the University of Rome II and the Institut für Friedenssicherungsrecht und Humanitäres Völkerrecht (IFHV) of the Ruhr-University of Bochum School of Law. At the University of Frankfurt, he developed studies of Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure and Criminology.

As a university lecturer, Carlos Vasconcelos has mainly taught Criminal Procedure, Criminology, International Criminal Law, Organised Crime, Terrorism, Financial Crimes, Corruption and Human Rights Law. His publications include the chapter on “Crimes Against the Public Peace” in a Handbook of Brazilian Criminal Law (3rd ed.), translations from German into Portuguese of several articles written by Professor Winfried Hassemer, chapter 46 of volume 5 of “Historical Origins of International Criminal Law”, edited by Morten Bergsmo and others, and the organization of the book “Terrorism and Other Emergencies: Theory and Practice of Prevention and Control”, with articles in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish, three of which of his authorship.

At present, as a researcher and consultant, Carlos Vasconcelos is interested in the following: International Criminal Law, Terrorism, Transitional Justice, the Future of Democracy in Times of Widespread Social Media, Assessment and Reform of Justice Systems, Independence and Accountability of Prosecution Services, Corruption, Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Brazilian Studies.

Complete academic and professional profile on linkedin.com/in/carlosvasconcelos-montreal

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