Employee and Family Assistance Program- EFAP

The Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) with LifeWorks (formally Morneau Shepell), is a confidential service offering support to employees on a broad range of personal and work-related concerns including but not limited to: personal stress, job related stress, parenting issues, financial or legal problems, separation and loss, traumatic events, relationship issues, balancing work and family, substance abuse.

The EFAP can be accessed by phone at 1-844-852-7572 or online www.workhealthlife.com, or the Mobile App

What does your EFAP offer?

  1. Free, round-the-clock counselling
    The EFAP, is a free and confidential service offering short-term counseling and referral services. Your EFAP can be accessed 24/7 by phone, web or mobile app. Upon contacting the EFAP, an appointment with a qualified professional should be given to you within 24 hours and a consultation should take place within 3 to 5 business days of your initial call. Should your situation require immediate support, your call will be directed to a qualified professional who can provide counselling over the phone.

    Please note that should you have preferences for a counsellor (language, gender, specific ethnic background, or expertise in a specific field), please inform the Care Access Centre Representative when you first call. It is important to note that for specific preferences, counseling may be available virtually only and employees may experience a longer than usual wait time to have an appointment to accommodate the preferences. Should the delay to obtain an appointment be greater than 10 business days, please contact LifeWorks again or send an email to benefits [at] mcgill.ca if you would like us to follow up with our representative.
  2. Direct access to qualified professionals
    Our EFAP provider, LifeWorks (formally Morneau Shepell), provides you with direct access to qualified and experienced professionals from different fields (psychology, social work, educational counseling) who are accredited by their respective professional associates.
  3. Guaranteed confidentiality
    All services provided by LifeWorks (formally Morneau Shepell) are confidential and anonymous, within the limits of the law. The University only receives quarterly reports regarding the use being made of the program and will never know that you have used the services unless you choose to share that information.
  4. 6 sessions per reference period (June 1-May 31)
    ​Your EFAP includes up to 6 sessions of counseling per issue.
  5. Referrals to longer-term support
    If long-term or specialized counseling is required, the counselor will assist you with a referral to another resource within the community. Consultation with this resource may involve a fee. Consult the McGill Supplemental Health Plan for information about coverage for psychological services.

Who is eligible?

This program is available to regular staff members* who are members of the McGill University benefits program, their spouse and dependent children. The services of the EFAP are provided by the University as part of your Benefits program. You can invite your dependents to access certain features in LifeWorks so they can find confidential help and advice on hundreds of topics.

*Eligibility for this program does not continue post-retirement.


As of April 2021, eligible members and their family also have access to LifeWorks a new well-being platform replacing the workhealthlife.com website as well as My EAP mobile app. The LifeWorks platform offers several tools and content related to mental, physical, social and financial well-being. Learn more and sign up here.

Variety of counseling services





Provides support for personal and emotional issues.

Phone, Videoconference, or in person (for specific cases, during the pandemic)

6 per issue

50 minutes

provides consultation with professional lawyers to answer legal questions.
(with minor exceptions such as labour laws, immigration)


1 per year

Up to 1 hour

provides consultation with financial professionals to answer financial questions
(with minor exceptions such as investment recommendations, highly specialized or complex requests)


1 per year

Up to 1 hour

personalized approach to provide you with tools to alleviate stress and identify caregiving services
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1 (one consultation per request)

Up to 1 hour

offers consultation with Registered Dieticians on any nutritional matter or concern.
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The number of sessions will depend on each individual's needs up to a maximum of 3 sessions

by Registered Nurses who can provide information and advice.
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1st session: 1 hour
2nd session: 30 minutes
3rd session: 30 minutes

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Phone or online program

4 per year
+ interactive online activity journal


1st session: 1 hour
Other sessions: 30 minutes

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