The majority of graduate programs are NOT impacted by recent government announcements about tuition increases.

PhD students from the rest of Canada will continue to pay Quebec fees.
International PhD fees will see the same 3% increase as Quebec fees.

Application support - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Throughout the graduate application process, you may have several questions. Below, we have assembled the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) we receive. Please carefully review them prior to reaching out for support.


For general questions about graduate studies at McGill, and the application process, please reach out to the gradapplicants.gps [at] (Graduate Recruitment Team).

To access the How To Apply videos or the Application Portal, simply visit our Apply Now page.

Application (General)

How do I apply?

Please refer to the Application steps tab to learn more. If you are ready to apply, visit our Apply Now page.

I don't meet the minimum requirements. Can I still apply?

McGill uses a holistic approach which considers many factors when reviewing applications for admissions. Understandably, admission to McGill is very competitive and meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee an offer of admission.

My degree finishes this Spring or Summer. Can I still apply for the Fall intake?

Yes, if your current degree finishes before the program you are applying for is set to start. In the application process, you are required to upload unofficial transcripts of your studies to date. It is possible to be offered conditional admission to a program pending receipt of your final grades. If made an offer of admission, one condition will be to submit copies of your final and official transcripts which show proof of graduation.

Can I email my transcripts, CV, and other supporting documents to find out if I am eligible?

Most graduate units do not pre-screen applicants. You will have to submit your complete application online. Please visit our website on how to apply.

I have already applied to McGill in the past. Can I reapply?

Yes, if you have applied prior to Fall 2023, you will have to create an account in Slate (Application Portal). If you have applied for Fall 2023 or later, you can simply use the credentials you created to login.

Can I make changes to my application once it has been submitted?

No, once your application is in the Awaiting Decision stage you will have to contact your graduate unit to request changes.

Can I cancel my application and create a new one? If so, will I be charged the application fee again?

You can edit the application if it has not been submitted but will not be able to cancel it. If you have already submitted the application, you can cancel it yourself.

I have decided to apply for next year instead. Do I need to delete my application?

No, you can start a new application when the next admission cycle begins.

I forgot my password. What do I do?

Please enter the email address you used to create the account and click 'Forgot your password'

I cannot change my password since I do not remember the email address used to create an account.

Unfortunately, we cannot see or generate passwords for applicants. You will have to create a new account with another email.

I am having technical issues with the Application Portal. Who should I contact?

Please view our How To Apply video for possible solutions. If you need additional support, please contact your Graduate Program Coordinator.

Application Deadlines

If my deadline to apply is January 15th, does that mean I have to submit my complete application by January 15th?

Yes, unless otherwise specified you must submit your complete application by 11:59 PM Eastern time on January 15th (e.g., the day of your application deadline).

Can I apply for Winter or Summer admission?

Please check the Programs page to see if your program offers Winter or Summer intakes.

I missed the application deadline. When can I apply again?

Check the intake(s) for your program(s) of interest. There are three possible intakes at McGill: Summer, Fall, Winter. Intakes vary by program.

Funding and Tuition Cost

How much do graduate tuition and fees cost?

Please use the Graduate Fee Calculator to estimate costs.

How can I be considered as a Québec resident to pay the Québec tuition rate?

For Domestic students (Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents of Canada) to be considered a Québec resident, they must meet all the criteria of one of the situations outlined by the Government of Québec

What kind of funding does McGill offer?

Funding levels vary by Faculty and program. Students accepted to our thesis-based graduate degree programs receive a funding letter with their offer of admission. Find more information about how graduate funding works on our Graduate Funding 101 website.

Finding a Supervisor

Do I need to find a supervisor before, during, or after submitting my application?

First, determine whether your program requires securing a supervisor as part of the application process. It may take several weeks or months to secure a potential supervisor. Typically, department websites have a tab called ‘People’, ‘Faculty’, or ‘Research’ that you can consult to find a potential supervisor. If necessary, reach out to the Graduate Program Coordinator for more information.

I am having trouble finding a supervisor. Can the unit help me contact them?

Simply, no. It is up to each applicant to secure a supervisor (when applicable). Usually, the unit’s website will have a list of faculty members or researchers and their contact information. You can contact the unit if their website does not have this information available.

I have not heard back from a potential supervisor. Should I send a follow-up email?

Please be patient. If after 2-3 weeks, you do not receive a response, consider sending them a polite follow-up. If you still do not receive a response after a follow-up, contact another potential supervisor.

Application Fee

How much is the graduate application fee?

The non-refundable application fee for Winter 2024 is $129.03 CAD. For Summer 2024 and Fall 2024, the application fee will be $132.90 CAD. With one application fee, you can submit up to two applications in the same term to two different programs. Some programs may have additional fees.

How do I pay the application fee?

The application fee payable only by credit card (e.g., Visa, MasterCard, American Express) as part of the initial application submission.

Can I pay the application fee by cheque, debit, e-transfer, or money order?

No. See the above answer for how to pay the application fee.

Can the application fee be waived?

Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies (GPS) does not offer application fee waivers.

Does McGill provide a refund on the application fee?

Once the application fee has been paid, it cannot be refunded.

Do I need to pay the application fee again when I submit a second application?

With the non-refundable application fee, you can submit up to two applications in the same term to two different programs. For example, if you apply to the MSc Computer Science (Thesis) and MSc Computer Science (Non-Thesis), this will be considered as applying to two programs. If you choose to apply to another (third or fourth) program, you will be charged the application fee again.

I've already paid the application fee, but I am still being asked to pay for my second application?

If you are being redirected to the payment page for an application even though you are applying to two programs in the same term, please contact your Graduate Program Coordinator in the unit you have applied to and ask to have the second payment waived.

Do I still have to pay the application fee if I cancel one of my applications and submit a third one?

If you already submitted two applications and cancel one of them, you will be charged again if you submit a third one.

Application Status

I have submitted my application. What now?

Once your application file is complete, there are no additional steps to take once the file enters the reviewing process. The unit will contact you if they require further information. Monitor your email and periodically check your application portal for any status updates. The time frame to receive a decision varies by program. Some units may indicate on their website when admission results will be available.

How do I check the status of my application?

Simply login to the Application Portal.

Can someone check the status of my application on my behalf?

Limited information can be shared with individuals who you have listed (if any) in the Permission to Disclose section of the application form.

Can I edit my application if it is already at the Awaiting Decision stage?

Once the file is in review, no changes are allowed unless the unit asks for it. If you need to submit an updated version of one of your supporting documents, please contact your graduate unit directly.

Supporting Documents

How do I submit the required supporting documents?

Once you have submitted your initial application and paid the non-refundable application fee, you can then access your application checklist (in the Application Portal). The required supporting documents for your program will be listed on your application checklist.

My application is almost complete except for one missing document (e.g., personal statement, reference letter). Can I still submit it after the deadline?

Unless otherwise specified, all supporting documents must be submitted by the application deadline. If there is a problem or delay in submitting your supporting documents, please reach out to your Graduate Program Coordinator as soon as possible.

Can I submit my supporting documents in French?


I am required to submit a Personal Statement and/or Research Proposal and/or CV. What are the document requirements?

The requirements vary by program. Please refer to the website of the program you are applying to. As needed, reach out to your Graduate Program Coordinator for more information.

Do I need to take a standardized test (e.g., GRE or GMAT)?

Few graduate programs require GRE or GMAT results as a requirement for the application process. If it is not mentioned on the department website or if it is not indicated on the application checklist (in the application portal; as required or optional), please do not send McGill your test scores. For clarification, please check the unit’s website or reach out to the Graduate Program Coordinator.

If you need to send GRE test results, please ensure that results are sent directly to McGill University, our institution code is 0935.

If you need to send GMAT test results, please ensure that results be sent directly to McGill University. Check your programs website for the program specific institution code.

Can I upload additional (non-required) supporting documents?

Only upload documents indicated by your program/department as being essential. Choosing to include additional documents that are not required (e.g., additional reference letters, writing sample, etc.) may cause an error in the application portal and cause delays in processing your application.

Transcripts & GPA Calculations

What documents do I submit if I receive an offer of admission?

Admitted applicants will be required to provide an official or certified copy of their complete, final academic record from each university-level institution attended to date.

Where can my university send my transcript/proof of graduation?

Applicants can request that their transcript/proof of graduation be sent electronically to officialschooldocs [at]

My transcripts are not in English or French, what do I do?

Transcripts in a language other than English or French must be accompanied by an English or French translation provided by the institution issuing the transcript, or by a certified/licensed translator. An explanation of the grading system used by the applicant's university is also required.

Does McGill accept transcripts from the World Education Services (WES)?

No, WES transcripts are not accepted.

I am a (current/former) McGill student. Do I need to submit my transcripts?

No, McGill students are not required to submit McGill transcripts. Their transcripts will be automatically uploaded to the system.

How do I convert my grades to a CGPA on McGill's grade scale?

To convert your grades to the letter system, please use the conversion scheme provided by your university. If this is not available, refer to the following website for grade conversions based on regions and countries. You can also review the How to apply video (fast forward to 1:45).

Reference Letters

How do I add a referee to my application?

In the initial part of the application, simply follow these steps (towards the end):

  • Go to the Add a Referee tab;
  • Add the referee information (contact, email telephone);
  • Click Done, then click Send. An automated email will be sent to your referee inviting them to submit their recommendation;
  • Select Continue to save the changes

How do I remove a referee to my application?

If you have not submitted the initial application, select the application you are looking to modify, and simply follow these steps:

  • Select the Referees tab;
  • Select the existing referee and click Edit;
  • Click Exclude (to remove referee from consideration). Clicking Cancel does not deactivate the referee request;
  • Select Continue to save the changes.

If you have submitted the initial application, select the application you are looking to modify (your status should be Provide Supporting Documents), and simply follow these steps:

  • Scroll down the checklist items and click Recommendations Page;
  • Select the Referees tab and then Edit by the name of the referee in question;
  • Either click Save to modify information for a referee or Exclude to remove a referee from consideration;
  • Select Continue to save the changes.

How do referees submit their recommendation?

During the initial application, you will be asked to enter the contact information for your referees. In doing so, each referee will receive an automated email with additional instructions. Referees are asked to submit their letters within ten working days.

It has been more than 10 days and I have not heard back from my referees after entering their information in the application portal.

Consider sending your referee a reminder. Either through the Application Portal or by directly emailing them politely reminding them when the recommendation is due.

If your referee declines to provide a letter, you will be advised by email and you will be asked to provide an alternate.

My referee did not receive the link to submit their reference letter.

Please ask your referee to check their junk or spam folder. You may also “Send a reminder” through the Application Portal.

In some cases, organizations have firewalls that may block the email. If after verification, your referee still did not get the email, please consider reaching out your to your Graduate Program Coordinator.

How many references do I need to submit?

Typically, the minimum is two. Some programs may require three references or that a special appraisal form be submitted. Kindly consult your program requirements or reach out to your Graduate Program Coordinator for additional information.

What are the criteria for the reference letters?

The letters must be dated and cannot be more than 12 months old. It should indicate the program you are applying to. The referees must indicate their position/title and contact information at the institution/organization they work for.

Do my referees have to be academic?

It depends on your program’s requirements. Typically, academic referees who are familiar with your work are preferred. Please check your program website or reach out to your graduate unit if they will accept one that is from an employer or a volunteer/community-based organization.

Can I upload the letters of reference myself?

No. The letters of reference must be uploaded by the referees directly using the secure link provided to them by email.

Can a letter of reference be uploaded (by my referee) before I submit my application?

Yes. Your referee can submit their letter before your initial application submission and payment of the application fee. Normally, applicants add the referees and then pay the application fee. Afterwards, you will be able to upload your required documents.

My referee retired and no longer has an institutional email address.

Please reach out to your Graduate Program Coordinator for clarification on how to proceed.

Proof of English Proficiency

How do I know if I am exempted from submitting the Proof of English Proficiency?

Please refer to our English-language proficiency exemption webpage for possible exemptions.

My English proficiency test score is just below the minimum admission requirement. Can I still apply?

If your IELTS/TOEFL test scores are below the minimum requirement, you will likely have to retake the test.

How do I submit my test scores?

Official test results must be sent directly to McGill by the testing service. For the TOEFL, the McGill Institution Code is 0935. For IELTS, please request to have the scores submitted electronically to McGill University via the IELTS Results Service.

Do I have to request to have the IELTS/TOEFL results sent to McGill for each application I do?

No. Once McGill receives the test scores, they are uploaded to the Applicant Portal and will be visible for each active application.

My test result has been sent by the testing service agency, but it still does not appear on my application.

Please allow at least 10 business days for McGill to receive the IELTS or TOEFL test results and to enter them to the Application Portal. If it has been more than 10 business days, please contact the testing agency and ask them to send the test score to McGill again.

My test score is a few years old. Will it be accepted?

No, English Language Proficiency test scores are only valid for two years. If your test scores have expired, you will have to retake the test and have the updated results sent to McGill.

Can I upload my test scores or email them to the unit I am applying to?

No. Applicants cannot upload their results themselves and we do not accept email versions of test results. Test scores must be sent to McGill by the testing service directly.

I qualify for an exemption from submitting proof of English-language proficiency, but it still shows on my application checklist?

If after a few days it is not waived from your checklist, consider politely reaching out to your Graduate Program Coordinator to ask to have it waived.


What is the language of instruction at McGill?

The language of instruction at McGill is English. Students may write examinations and assignments in French. Simply discuss with your Professor or Supervisor ahead of time.

Can I register as a part-time student?

It depends on the program and your status (i.e., domestic or international student). Please check your graduate program website.

I have received an offer of admission, now what?

I have received an offer of admission, what are are the next steps?

Congratulations! Please refer to the GradHub website and follow the next steps. For assistance, simply reach out to your Graduate Program Coordinator.

As an international student, what kind of documents do I need to study at McGill?

You must have all the immigration documents listed here before making travel plans. It may take months to process your immigration documents, so please start as early as you can. You can refer to the International Student Services website for more detailed information.

Can I defer my acceptance to next year?

Not all units allow deferrals. You will have to ask the unit you have been accepted to.

I have been accepted to two different programs. Can I accept both?

If you are offered admission to more than one program, you can only accept one offer.

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