Arbour Foundation – Scholarship for Master and Doctoral level study in Computer Science, Engineering, and Management

Value & Duration

$10,000 (Masters) - renewable once
$17,000 (Doctoral) - renewable once
$13,000 (MBA) - non renewable and certain eligibility criteria apply


Consult with academic unit 



Programs Eligibility criteria



1) Students must have completed at least two full-time university semesters at a Quebec university in the last 12 months * prior to completing an application. These two semesters

may have been completed in another program of study than the one for which the scholarship is requested.

2) Students must be registered full-time in the year following their scholarship application to be admissible **.

3) Students must have a university average greater than or equal to 75%.

4) Students must not have completed more than three (3) semesters in their M.Sc. and no more than nine (9) semesters in their Ph.D. level when applying


1) Students must be a permanent resident or Canadian citizens.

2) Students must be registered full-time in their program of study **.

3) Students must have an overall university average greater than or equal to 75% (during their last completed university studies).

4) Students must not have completed more than one (1) semester in their current MBA program while filling in their application.

* In the event that the university has granted a student leave, the period of leave authourized is not taken into account in the calculation.

  Thus, a student who has been on leave of absence in the last year is eligible if he has been enrolled for two terms in the 12 months preceding his leave.


How to Apply

  • All applicants apply through the academic unit
  • PDF of application and all supporting documents submitted to academic unit
  • Complete applications and document requirements may be found on the Arbour Foundation application form.

Selection Criteria

Criteria Masters Doctoral MBA
University Performance 50% 45% 30%
Research Ability/Analytical mind 10% 20% n/a
Professional Experience n/a n/a 20%
Social implication/Leadership/Entrepreneurship 20% 10% 30%
Valid and recognised financial need 20% 25% 20%


Fellowships will initially be for one year, but may be renewed for a second year (except MBA).  

Application Form for Renewal.

Note: This award is only for applicants in the academic disciplines of Computer Science, Engineering and Management.

For more information, contact your Graduate Program Coordinator in the academic unit.