Arbour Foundation – Scholarship for Master and Doctoral level study in Computer Science, Engineering, and Management

Value & Duration

  • Award is for one (1) year

$20,000(Masters) MSc, MMF and MMA - renewable once
$30,000 (Doctoral) - renewable once
$20,000 (MBA) - non renewable and certain eligibility criteria apply (see table)


Consult with academic unit 


Please see the Arbour Foundation webpages for all eligibility criteria

Note: This award is only for applicants in the academic disciplines of Computer Science, Engineering and Management. Students are eligible to receive a scholarship if they have at least 2 (two) full semesters remaining in their program at the time of the first scholarship installment.

How to Apply

  • All applicants apply through the academic unit
  • PDF of application and all supporting documents submitted to academic unit - Verify their deadline)
  • Complete applications and document requirements may be found on the Arbour Foundation webpage . (photograph is no longer required)

The application must be submitted to the university where the candidate is registered or will be registered during the period of validity of the scholarship.  Applications submitted directly to the Foundation will be automatically rejected.

Selection Criteria

Criteria Masters* Doctoral MBA
Academic Performance (min 75% ) 50% 45% 30%
applied skills (as for example in a Master by coursework) 10% 20% n/a
Professional experience or career objectives n/a n/a 20%
Social involvement/ Leadership/Entrepreneurship 20% 10% 30%
Valid and recognized financial need** 20% 25% 20%

The Arbour Foundation offers scholarships for both Master's profiles: thesis and non-thesis. To help universities in the pre-selection process, we recommend comparing the thesis Master's candidates and the non-thesis ones in separate groups

** Financial need is a key criterion for the Arbour Foundation. The Foundation recognizes that each case is unique and is committed to evaluating each scholarship application taking into account each student's particular situation. However, it is important to note that any student receiving an external source of funding (other scholarships or family assistance for example) in excess of $25,000 for the year of study for which he/she is applying for an Arbour scholarship will not be awarded a scholarship


Fellowships will initially be for one year, but may be renewed for a second year (except MBA).  

Application Form for Renewal.


For more information, contact your Graduate Program Coordinator in the academic unit.


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