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Stavros S. Niarchos Foundation Fellowships for Excellence in Graduate Education

The Stavros S. Niarchos Foundation Fellowships for Excellence in Graduate Education were created in celebration of the 70th anniversary of Canada-Greece Relations.

Value & Duration

  • The approximate value is $34,000 to cover travel, tuition and living expenses.
  • The award is renewable for one more year provided that both good academic standing and full-time registration status are maintained.


  • Deadline to submit application to Academic Unit: set by Academic Unit
  • Deadline for Academic Units to submit applications to GPS: March 15, 2021


Preference will be given to incoming Greek applicants.

  • The candidate must be admitted or enrolled in a full-time graduate research program at McGill and hold a First Class CGPA as determined by McGill.

How to Apply

Students submit an application form and required documents to the academic unit where he or she currently is or will be registered at McGill.

Results will be announced by April 12, 2021.

Application Documents

To qualify, candidates must submit a complete application package containing the following documents:

  • The Application Form duly completed, dated, and signed;
  • ALL university level transcripts. OFFICIAL transcripts with OFFICIAL translations for any that are not in English or French
  • Copy proof of residency in Greece, and proof of Greek citizenship (if applicable).
  • A personal statement outlining:

a) Research experience: abilities you have gained through your past research experience or relevant work experience;
b) Relevant activities: professional and extracurricular activities in which you are involved that demonstrate your communication, interpersonal and leadership skills;
c) Research career: discuss your career goals and how the proposed program will contribute to your objectives;
d) Special circumstances (if applicable): Describe any special considerations that may have had an effect of your performance or productivity (e.g. delays in research results, gaps in your experience or academic background)

Selection Criteria

Academic excellence As demonstrated by past academic results, transcripts, awards and distinctions; academic record (first class average), scholarships and awards held, duration of previous studies, type of program and courses pursued, course load, relative standing (if available) 50%
Research Potential As demonstrated by the proposed research; its potential contribution to the advancement of knowledge in the field, and any anticipated outcomes; significance, feasibility, and merit of proposed research, scholarships and awards held, as well as by the applicant’s research history 30%
Personal Characteristics As demonstrated by the applicant’s personal statement; candidate’s interest in discovery, and enthusiasm for research, leadership experience, academic and community involvement 10%
Recommendation of Academic Unit As demonstrated by the nomination letter 10%

For more information, please contact your Academic Unit or visit the Stravros Niarchos Foundation website.

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