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On June 27th, 2016, McGill signed an agreement with the National Council for Science and Technology (CONACyT) to co-sponsor Mexican students enrolled in a Master's Thesis Program or PhD at McGill. The agreement aims at attracting top Mexican students to pursue graduate studies at Canada’s leading research-intensive university.

Value & Duration

CONACyT will provide annual funding for the following:

  • McGill tuition at the Quebec Resident rate
  • Program/ancillary fees
  • Health insurance
  • Annual living expenses (paid directly to the student each month)

McGill, in turn, will cover the tuition differential between the International and the Quebec Resident rate (International supplements).

Funding is provided for a maximum period of two (2) years for Master’s students, and for up to four (4) years for PhD students.


Competition Eligibility Fields Deadline Results by
CONACYT-CCINSHAE PhD Health Sciences (see call for specific list) 15 July 2022 19 August 2022
CONACYT-FUNED Master's Thesis Engineering, Social Sciences, Economics and Management as they relate to the Health Sector (see call for specific list) 17 June 2022 19 August 2022
CONACYT PhD Call PhD Physics, Maths, Earth Sciences, Biology, CHemistry, Nursing, Health Sciences Research, Dentistry, Humanities and Behavioural Sciences, Social Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Biotechnology, Engineering, Technology (full list in Spanish) 12 August 2022 30 Sept 2022
CONACYT-SACPC-FINBA Master's Thesis and PhD Arts: Architecture, visual arts, dance, design, literature, audiovisual media, music, theatre, cultural patrimony and heritage, theatre/music technology, environmental science related to Fine Arts, cultural studies, cultural and creative economics, administration related to culture) 2 September 2022 7 Oct 2022

Please note that only thesis Master's programs are eligible for the McGill-CONACyT agreement.


McGill eligibility criteria:

CONACyT eligibility criteria:

  • See CONACYT's website
  • Please note that not all thesis Master's programs are fundable by CONACyT, and it is the applicant's responsibility to check eligibility requirements from both CONACyT and McGill.

How to Apply

Candidates must apply directly to CONACYT. 

External DFWs

CONACyT recipients are required to apply to the External DFWs offered by the Government of Quebec, via AMEXCID.

Additional Information for Staff

Guidelines for Staff

Please visit the guideline here for staff only (login required).

Additional Information for students

Guidelines for students

Please visit the guideline here for CONACyT students only.

Note: This agreement has been in effect since Fall 2017.

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