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How much funding does the intern receive?

The intern may work the legal maximum, each week, which is dependent on their immigration status within the country of work.

How will the funding be provided?

Students will receive funding directly from McGill to their bank account.

Can I offer the intern funding as well?

You are welcome to offer pay to interns hosted at your organization; however, the student's funding from McGill may be prorated accordingly.

Hiring Terms

How many hours a week should the intern work?

The intern may work the legal maximum, each week, which is dependent on their immigration status within the country of work.

When will I know if the student's internship has been approved by McGill?

The review of the internship applications may take up to 4 weeks, after which the student will be notified directly. It is the responsibility of the student to inform you of their acceptance.

When can the internship start?

Students may begin their internship year round, as long as it takes place after submission of their initial thesis, and before their thesis defense

Can we hire an international student?

You are welcome to hire students from all nationalities as long as you respect their immigration status within your country, and they possess the proper work documentation.

Can I extend a student's internship?

You may extend the student's internship beyond the 3-month period; however, it will be considered outside the range of the Doctoral Internship Program and new arrangements must be negotiated between yourself and the student alone

If I want to hire a doctoral intern from McGill, does it need to be through the Doctoral Internship Program?

Although it is not required for you to hire a doctoral intern through the DIP, it is strongly encouraged. Funding from McGill is only available for internships undertaken under the DIP

What faculties/departments can I hire students from?

The internship program reaches across the entire university, so you may hire students from any academic unit at McGill.

Can my organization be included in the internship database?

Your organization may be added to our Doctoral Internship Program database by filling out the web form on the Supervisor Page. Please note your organization will be vetted to ensure eligibility criteria are met.

Supervisor Responsibilities

What is considered to be "high-level" work?

As this internship program solely supports doctoral students, the level of work should be appropriate to their advanced skills and expertise.

Will I need to complete a final report?

We do ask you to submit a brief assessment no later than 2 weeks after the internship ends. Should you and the student choose to extend the internship beyond the 3-month period (without funding from McGill), the deadline for submitting the final assessment will be 2 weeks after the 3-month period ends. Please submit this form via email to graduatefunding.gps [at] mcgill.ca

What if my organization has its own report template?

The report we require is quite brief, but should you choose to give more detail, you are welcome to submit your own form along with ours.

What if there are performance issues with the student during the internship?

Should this occur, please take the time to meet with the student to review the Internship Plan, discuss the expectations of the internship and speak about your concern in order to resolve them. If these measures don't resolve the situation, please contact graduatefunding.gps [at] mcgill.ca (subject: Doctoral%20Internship%20Program) (GPS).

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