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2021 Global Health MDCM Student Research Awards

Application submissions for the 2021 Global Health MDCM Student Research Awards are closed. Meet the 2021 Recipients.


McGill Global Health Programs (GHP) is pleased to announce the launch of the 2021 Global Health MDCM Student Research Awards. This funding competition aims to support McGill MDCM students to participate and gain experience in remote or locally conducted global health research projects. Through the generosity and support of our donors, GHP has temporarily transitioned certain awards normally administered under GHP’s Travel Awards program to support this awards competition, now in its second year.

Successful applicants will receive funds designated towards a stipend to conduct or assist a faculty member on a global health research project. As a reminder, these Awards will only support research conducted remotely or on-site locally (i.e. on-campus or at a McGill affiliate research centre in the Montreal or Gatineau areas). Funds cannot be applied towards travel or fieldwork. The intent of this program is to support and encourage students to continue their research while abiding by the travel directives defined by the University in relation to COVID-19. The list of awards open for this competition are:

Research Awards launching under the MDCM Student Research Awards competition ($2,500 stipend):

Please refer to the MDCM Student Research Awards Descriptions for the revised terms of eligibility for each of the following awards.

  • Dr. Freda M. Omaswa Research Award for the Study of Infectious and Tropical Diseases
  • Luger-Mikelberg Research Award for Global Health
  • Medical Class of '84 Student Bursary
  • The Medicine Class of 1965 International Health Student Fund
Research Awards for MDCM students launching under the Global and Local Community Awards:

The following awards have a separate application process. Please go to the Global and Local Community Awards section on the GHP website. 

  • Alex W. Strasberg MD CM 1921 and Harvey M. Weinstein MD CM 1967 Global Health Award
  • Dr. Yuk Chan Ma and Dr. Yuen Kok Chan Prize in Multicultural and International Medicine
Key Dates
  • Call for applications: September 1, 2021
  • Application deadline: October 4, 2021 at 11:59 pm
  • Evaluation Period: October 5, 2021 - October 22, 2021
  • Announcement of competition results: October 26, 2021
  • Competition winners attend Global Health Night: November 2, 2021
Objective of the Funding Opportunity
  • To provide a baseline stipend for eligible MDCM students to work remotely on global health research projects.
Funding Information
  • Successful Global Health MDCM Student Research Award applicants will receive a baseline stipend of $2,500. For students receiving any need-based funding, we suggest that you contact the Scholarships and Student Aid Office to ensure our Global Health Student Research Awards do not interfere with your current funding or funding eligibility.
  • Only McGill University undergraduate MDCM students are eligible to apply for Global Health MDCM Student Research Awards.

  • Student research proposals must be connected to an established research project supervised by a McGill faculty member who is conducting global health research in a low or middle-income country (LMIC), in Northern Canada, or in the Montreal or Gatineau areas.

  • To be eligible to apply, students must have/maintain full-time or part-time status for the duration of their research work.
  • Student research projects cannot be completed before the competition's application deadline.
  • All research proposals must have ethics approval. If the project is at the stage of implementation, the project needs prior IRB approval from McGill University and a host institution (if applicable).
  • Actual research costs ( e.g. equipment, costs for tests, software, research assistants, dissemination costs) are not eligible. These costs are the responsibility of the student’s McGill Faculty supervisor or Department. The exception to this would be registration fees for students to present their research at a virtual or online conference.
  • Funding is not transferrable to another student or trainee.
  • Students may not receive more than one award in this competition. Further, GHP will not fund multiple awards for a single project.
Program Requirements
  • Research award recipients must submit a progress report to GHP by August 31, 2022 via the Progress Report section on the GHP website.

  • Research award recipients must deliver a poster presentation at GHP’s annual Global Health Night event in November 2022. Students will receive communication from GHP to confirm the date and time for this event.
  • If a research award recipient is unable to complete the research for which the application was approved, they must communicate the issue to GHP as soon as possible. The GHP office will evaluate the situation to determine if the award can be deferred up to six months. This can include any major project changes, IRB refusal, or other project-related issues (e.g. program approval, research milestones not attained).
  • Research award recipients must be agreeable to meeting the donor who has provided funding for their research award. GHP will communicate with award recipients ahead of time if or when this opportunity becomes available.
Instructions for Applications

To apply, please complete the form below. In order to access the form, students must first sign in below using their McGill student credentials. Applications may be submitted in French. Les soumissions peuvent être présentées en français.

Students will need to include the following components in their application:

  • Supervisor(s) Information
  • Project Title and Abstract
  • Project Proposal Essay
  • Project Research Activities Schedule (optional)
  • CV and Unofficial Transcript
Evaluation Criteria

All applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Criterion Description

1. Understanding of global health

The applicant provides an insightful reflection on how the proposed research project directly relates to their field of study within global health or their work on a global health research project.

2. Quality of research project

The quality, potential of the research project, and overall clarity with which the proposal is written to a multi-disciplinary committee or non-specialist audience.

3. Research excellence

The applicant demonstrates the capacity for excellence based on their academic track record, leadership in the domain, and skills required to work on a global health research project.

4. Suitability for program

Overall suitability of the applicant and research project for the Global Health Research Awards Program. Supporting evidence to be evaluated under this category can include, but is not limited to:

  1. Research Project
  2. CV and Transcript
  3. Contributions to Research
  4. Prior Global Health Experience
  5. Language and Cultural Competency
  6. Degree of Self-Reflection
  7. Overall Readiness to Conduct Global Health Research.
Contact Information

Please direct any inquiries to studentaffairsghp.med [at] mcgill.ca


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