Desjardins Centre for Advanced Training - RI-MUHC Career Half-Day for Trainees


Auditorium and Atrium (ES1.1129), GLEN SITE Research Institute of the MUHC, 1001 Boulevard Decarie, Montreal, QC, CA

On November 24, he Desjardins Centre for Advanced Training, has prepared a series of talks and a panel discussion on the hiring processes of different industries. Participants will get advice on the role of a recruiter, and hear about the transition of other senior and junior professionals into non-faculty roles.  Full registration to this half-day includes a two-hour networking lunch session attended by professionals from the private sector, government, and research agencies who are there to talk with trainees about career preparation.

For more information and to register please visit the event website.

*This non-academic career half-day follows the Academic Career Half-Day for Postdoctoral Fellows, scheduled for November 21, 2017 (which focuses on academic careers where the agenda includes an afternoon workshop which includes exercises on the research statement and the job talk. PDFs are encouraged to attend both sessions.

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