Dr. Fraser N. Gurd Day

Fraser Gurd Day is the main event of the year of the department of surgery. During the day the department showcases resident and staff driven research as well as presentations and activities involving our visiting professor for the year. Dr Gurd succeeded Dr. H. Rocke Robertson as Chairman of the Department of Surgery, McGill University in 1962. Throughout his career, Dr. Gurd demonstrated a remarkable interest in research with several significant investigations into the treatment of shock and trauma.

Dr. Gurd has received many honours including the Royal College’s Duncan Graham Award for outstanding service in medical education but perhaps his greatest contribution to our program was the development of the surgeon scientist.

He was an Emeritus Professor of Surgery at McGill University. The presentations by the residents and fellows are a tribute to the many contributions of Dr. Fraser Gurd.

Former Fraser N. Gurd visiting professors:

1990 Dr. Richard J. Finley

1991 Dr. Donald S. Coffey

1992 Dr. J. Alex Haller, Jr.

1993 Dr. Ward O. Griffen, Jr.

1994 Dr. Martin C. Robson

1995 Dr. LaSalle D. Leffall, Jr.

1996 Dr. John H. Wedge



1997 Dr. Ralph V. Clayman

1998 Dr. Charles M. Balch

1999 Dr. Alden H. Harken

2000 Dr. Dhiraj M. Shah

2001 Dr. Jack W. McAninch

2002 Dr. J. A. Muir Gray

2003 Dr. Shuki F. Khuri



2004 Dr. Stephen J. Mathes

2005 Dr. Atrick Atala

2006 Dr. Robert F. McLain

2007 Dr. Atrick M. Satava

2008 Dr. Peter C. Neligan

2009 Dr. Thomas M. Krummel

2010 Dr. Julie Ann Freischlag



2011 Dr. Cy Frank

2012 Dr. E. Christopher Ellison

2013 Dr. John G. Hunter

2014 Dr. W. Marston Linehan

2015 Dr. Michael T. Longaker

2016 Dr. John D. Birkmeyer

2017 Dr. Elliot Chaikof



2018 Dr. Alberto Ferreres

2019 Dr. Barbara Lee Bass

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