Harvey H. Sigman Lecture in Surgical Education

Harvey H. Sigman, C.D., B.A., M.D., C.M., M.Sc., F.R.C.S.C., F.A.C.S., 

Emeritus Professor of Surgery, McGill University.

Dr. Sigman graduated from McGill University Faculty of Medicine in 1957. He trained in GeneralSurgery in the McGill Diploma Course, which included a registrarship at the Postgraduate Medical School,Hammersmith Hospital, London, England. He served as Dr. L.D.Maclean's first chief resident in 1962 at the Royal Victoria Hospital. He began his surgical career at the Jewish General Hospital where he became Chief of the Division of General Surgery (1989-2008).

Education has always been his priority and over the years he has served as Director of Surgical Education at the Jewish General Hospital,(1969- 2002), where he integrated the training of surgical students into the unvi ersity program. He was Assistant Dean,Medical Education and Student Affairs, McGill University,(1993 - 1997);Chair of the Curriculum Committee of the Association for SurgicalEducation,(1995 - 1997);Co-Chair of McGill University Institutional Review Board,(2000 - ). Dr. Sigman introduced laparoscopic surgery to the Division of General Surgery at the Jewish General Hospital in 1990,where he played an important role in creating a coordinated university program to develop teaching and research in this new field. He became a sexual harassment officer at McGill University in 1998,and was Coordinator of the Sexual Harassment Office (2001-2006). He received the McGill University, Department of Surgery Residents' Award for Excellence in Teaching in 1992. He was named to the Faculty Honour List for Educational Excellence in its inaugural year (1998). He is a recipient of the Governer General Queen's Silver Jubilee Medal.

This Lecture, recognizing Dr. Sigman's life-long commitment to education,was established to enhance the Surgical Education Program at the Sir Mortimer B. Davis- Jewish General Hospital and McGill University.

Harvey H. Sigman Visiting Professors

2005 - Dr. Richard Reznick 2013 - Dr. John D. Mellinger
2006 - Dr. Debra A. DaRosa 2014 - Dr. Kenneth A. Harris
2007 - Dr. Gary L. Dunnington 2015 - Dr. Carol-Anne Moulton
2008 - Dr. Ajit K. Sachdeva 2016 - Dr. Daniel B. Jones
2009 - Dr. Deborah Danoff 2017 - Dr. Karen D. Horvath
2010 - Dr. Richard H. Bell Jr. 2018 - Dr. K. Anders Ericsson
2011 - Dr. Brian D. Hodges 2019 - Dr. K. Anders Ericsson
2012 - Dr. Glenn Regehr  


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