H. Rocke Robertson Visiting Professor

In recognition of Dr. Robertson's numerous contributions to the field, the Montreal General Hospital and to Mcgill as a whole we have established a trauma research day in his honor.

Dr. Robertson was born in Victoria, British Columbia in 1912. In 1932 he graduated with his BSc and 1936, he obtained his MD CM from McGill University. His post graduate surgical training was under the direction of Dr. Fraser B. Gurd. He played an important role in the care of the wounded. He served in the Medical Services of the Canadian Army between 1940-1945 and reached the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

His interest in wound infections led to his work in surgical infections and a data collection system. He became the first Chairman in the Department of Surgery at the University of British Columbia. Dr. Robertson returned to his Alma Mater in 1959 as Surgeon-in-Chief at the Montreal General Hospital, as well as Professor and Chairman of the McGill Department of Surgery. In 1962, Dr. Robertson was appointed Principal and Vice Chancellor at McGill University. Under his leadership, many of the buildings on the campus were built including the McIntyre Medical Sciences Building.

Former H. Rocke Robertson Visiting Professors:                                                             

1996 Dr. Kimball L. Maul 2009 Dr. Ari Leppäniemi
1997 Dr. Thomas A. Gennarelli 2010 Dr. Hans-Christophe Pape
1998 Dr. Joseph S. Gruss 2011 Dr. Juan Carlos Puyana
1999 Dr. Joseph J. Tepas, III 2012 Dr. Mauricio Lynn
2000 Dr. Marc F. Swiontkowski 2013 Dr. C. Willaim Schwab
2001 Dr. David B. Hoyt 2014 Dr. Louie Riddez
2002 Dr. Guy L. Clifton 2015 Dr. Witaya Chadbunchachai
2003 Dr. Robert Lee Walton Jr. 2016 Dr. Andrew B. Peitzman
2004 Dr. Steven Stylianos 2017 Dr. Morad Hameed
2005 Dr. Peter O'Brien 2018 Dr. Maeyane Steve Moeng
2006 Dr. Samir M. Fakhry 2019 Dr. Donald H. Jenkins
2007 Dr. Patrick M. Reilly 2021 Dr. David R. King
2008 Dr. Rajan Gupta 2023 Dr. Michael Stein
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