Student Parents Resources

Financial Resources
  • The Scholarships and Student Aid Office can help you identify different financial opportunities as a student caregiver that you might be eligible for. You can book an appointment with them to discuss your options as many bursaries and government loans are specifically for students who also have caregiving responsibilities. 
  • Volunteer Babysitter Directory – This directory, initiated by SSMUis a list of volunteer childcare providers. You can browse babysitter profiles to see what training and experience volunteers have, such as First Aid certification and CPR training. You can get in contact with the program at childcareservicesmcgill [at]


Offices & Libraries 
  • The PGSS Family Collection is available at select libraries on campus. The family collection has bags ready for your child to stay entertained at the library while you study. You can also go to the Family Resources Coordinator Office to access their family care library! 
  • International Student Services (ISS) - If you are an international student, ISS can provide you with information regarding the visas your family will need to join you. See a webinar offered by ISS and the Family Resources Coordinator that shares information for international students about bringing their children. ISS also runs a Buddy Program where international students can be paired with other international students to discuss the experience of moving to a new country to study. It is possible to find buddies who also have family responsibilities and who are willing to share their experiences.

  • The Peer Support Centre is a support network provided by students for students. Volunteers are trained in skills such as active listening so as to provide support to students who need to talk to someone about the stresses of life. If you need to talk, the Peer Support Centre is a helpful resource.

Other Resources
  • Where to eat on campus - This handy map shows you where to find meals and snacks on campus. It includes dining halls, as well as other retail food options.
  • SSMU Marketplace - The Marketplace is a classified ad listing site operated by SSMU. Join for free to buy and sell items such as books, furniture, and services. You can also browse for apartment/room rentals.

  • Guidelines for the academic accommodation of pregnant students and students caring for dependants. These guidelines were put forth in 2012 to accommodate academic obligations that caregivers face and to give them more flexibility in seeking arrangements when conflicts between caregiving and studies arise.  

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