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International Day of Families - May 15, 2024

Celebrate the International Day of Families on May 15th by partaking in some of the events taking place in and around Montreal this spring. See the list of kid-friendly activities below: 

Check out these activities for kids who love science!

Biodôme - The Biodome is an exciting way to learn about nature by walking through five different ecosystems of the Americas. Known as the “house of life” the Biodome is a great activity for families to observe animals and plants and learn about the complexity of the natural environment.

Planetarium - The Planetarium offers a new way to explore space with innovative technology and engaging shows for all age groups. As part of the Space for Life, the largest natural sciences museum complex in Canada, the Planetarium is a great way to have fun and learn at the same time.

Botanical Garden - The 75-hectare Botanical Garden is home to about 20 different themed gardens. It is a great way to relax from the busy city by exploring the many gardens such as the Alpine Garden and First Nations Garden.

Insectarium - As one of the largest insect museums in North America, visitors enjoy an immersive and educational experience.

Biosphère - Located in Parc Jean-Drapeau, this environmental museum hosts many immersive exhibitions and artworks. It also features a beautiful view of downtown and stunning scenery.

Montréal Science Centre - A space completely devoted to science and technology; exhibitions are catered to all age groups. Located in Old Port, the Montreal Science Centre is perfect for educational and interactive activities.

Exporail, the Canadian Railway Museum - As the largest railway museum in Canada, Expo Rail features 188 vehicles and 400 railway artifacts. There is also a miniature railroad families can ride on to complete the visit.

Ecomuseum Zoo - Escape the city to visit Quebec wildlife, such as: black bears, gray wolves, pekans, white-tailed deer, eagles, amphibians, reptiles and much more.

Check out these activities for kids who love history!

Musée McCord Stewart - A place that celebrates the past and present life in Montreal, the McCord Stewart Museum is the perfect place to learn the history, creativity and diversity of our city. With extensive collections of objects, documents, and art there is something interesting for every age group.

Redpath Museum - Located on McGill University’s campus and one of the oldest museums in Canada, Redpath Museum offers extensive collections on the history of life from ancient Egypt to 20th century Asia, Oceania, South America and more. With interesting archeological collections and impressive architecture, this museum is perfect for families.

Montréal Archaeology and History Complex - As a national archaeologic and historic site, Pointe- à -Callière shows centuries of history from the settlements of First Peoples to present day. With an array of exhibitions both national and international, and cultural activities for families, this is the place to visit!

Château Ramezay – Historic Site and Museum of Montréal - The first building in Quebec to classified as a historic monument, the Chateau Ramezay offers a unique collection of 30,000 plus objects. The site also features sprawling gardens and a fruit tree orchard. This is the perfect mix of history and nature!

Check out these activities for kids who love the arts and theatre!

Musée d’art contemporain - As a contemporary art museum, MAC features a variety of artforms such as: digital and sound works, installations, paintings, and sculptures. For over 50 years, MAC has showcased an array of local and international artists along with educational exhibitions. Located downtown, it is the perfect outing for a family!

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts - The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts features over 47,000 works of art that display Quebec and Canadian heritage, Indigenous art, and international art. The museum has a wide range of exhibitions and cultural programming that allows for a deeper understanding of art and its history. A pioneer in art therapy, the museum provides an enriching experience while advocating for a more inclusive and accessible world.

The Little Prince (from May 1st) - This exhibition immerses you in the magical world of The Little Prince as you are transported directly in the pages of the book. Learn more about the writer, Antoine de Saint Exupéry, and his interesting life. The exhibition features animated images, film projections and more to highlight one of the world’s bestselling books.

L’illusion Théâtre de marionnettes - This unique theater has a variety of puppet shows for different age groups. The shows are inspired by world literature and fairy tales. Each show displays different forms and techniques that are part of the puppetry arts. This is perfect for families who enjoy both the visual and performing arts.

Festilou - From May 12 to May 26, you can participate in this free festival that celebrates the art of storytelling and imagination. There are more than 75 shows in different venues, such as: Théâtre de l'Esquisse, libraries in Montreal, four parks, daycare centers and much more.

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