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The McGill Family Care website provides information about various aspects of family care to the entire McGill community. It is the product of a collaboration between the Joint Board Senate Committee on Equity (JBSCE) Subcommittee on Family Care, the Faculty Relocation Advisor, and the Family Resources Coordinator.


The JBSCE Subcommittee on Family Care

The JBSCE Subcommittee on Family Care was launched in January 2015. Its role is defined by the following terms of reference:

The Subcommittee on Family Care shall advise on the development of - or modifications to - University policy regarding persons with dependants, including child and elderly dependants, across constituencies of the University and recommend ameliorations to the JBSCE. In order to proceed with this task, the Subcommittee will undergo evaluation and monitoring of the population of persons with dependants and of their special needs, will take a role of advocate for this group, will seek and propose concrete solutions to help this group, and will help create and maintain a web platform to gather information relevant to persons with dependants.

As of October 2020, the composition of the subcommittee is:

  • Joan Butterworth, Leadership Development Training Facilitator, Chair 
  • Michelle Cubano Guzman, Faculty Relocation Advisor
  • Lisa Munter, Faculty of Medicine
  • Kally Walsh, Human Resources
  • Jessica Giles, Access Services Advisor, Office for Students with Disabilities
  • Emily Shallhorn, Student Wellness Hub
  • Lili Li, PGSS representative
  • Maheen Akter, SSMU Student Life
  • Kai Page, SSMU, SSMU representative


Inclusion Statement 

Families and family circumstances vary. Throughout this website, the term “family” connotes all family forms. The website seeks to support and welcome McGill’s diverse families within its larger vision of a family-friendly campus, recognizing that working, teaching and/or studying while balancing family life and care commitments is a challenging reality.

Statement voted on March 29 2017

Faculty Relocation Advisor

The Faculty Relocation Advisor assists newly hired tenure-track and ranked professors, and their families, during the relocation process and transition to Montreal. 

Michelle Cubano-Guzmán, J.D.
Faculty Relocation Advisor
Office of the Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic)

michelle.cubano [at] mcgill.ca (subject: Inquiry%20Via%20Family%20Care%20Site)

Family Resources Coordinator

The Family Resources Coordinator connects students with dependants to resources on campus and in Montreal. They also plan events and activities, and provide support for students with families. 

family.coordinator [at] mcgill.ca (subject: Inquiry%20via%20Family%20Care%20site)

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