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Types of Daycares

There are various kinds of daycares in Quebec. Some daycares only accept children 18 months or older. They may offer full or part-time services, or services with flexible scheduling. They can take in up to 80 children 0 to 5 years old. Daycares are regulated and monitored by the government; however, they can offer different programs and activities.



  • Early Childhood Centres / Centre de la petite enfance (CPE)

These non-profit childcare centres provide spaces for a reduced contribution starting at $7.55 a day. Daily fees vary depending on household income. Two thirds of the board of directors are parents whose children attend the centre. 

McGill has two CPE's: McGill CPE Downtown Campus, and Macdonald Campus Daycare

  • Private-subsidized Daycares

These for-profit, privately run daycares offer spaces for a reduced contribution starting at $7.55 a day. Daily fees vary depending on household income.  The Student's Society of McGill University (SSMU) runs the SSMU Daycare in the Downtown Campus.

  • Private, Unsubsidized Daycares 

These daycares are for-profit and are privately run. A private unsubsidized daycare can set its own rates (usually $35 or more a day). Parents may be entitled to a tax credit based on family income. 

  • Home-based Daycares / Milieu familial

These daycares are run by providers in private homes. There may be reduced contribution places available, starting at $7.55 per day. Daily fees vary depending on household income. If there are 6 children or fewer, it is not mandatory for the daycare to be recognized by a coordinating office. They can only accept 2 infants (under 18 months.) If there are 7-9 children, the daycare must be recognized by a coordinating office. They can only accept 4 infants. There must be a daycare provider and an assistant on site. 


Registering for Daycare

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The Government of Quebec has a centralized waiting list system for ALL subsidized and unsubsidized daycares and childcare centres called LA PLACE 0-5. The McGill CPE childcare centre and the SSMU daycare are included in this list. Parents must create a profile and select the locations they are interested in. When an available space that matches the child's age becomes available, they will receive a notification. Due to high demand and a limited number of spaces, it is strongly recommended that parents start making arrangements as early as 6 months to a year in advance of the desired registration. It is not possible to know how long it will take for a space to become available. To view a map of daycare locations in Montreal, please visit: La Place 0-5's daycare map tool.


Cost of Daycare

Daily fees at a subsidized daycare start at $7.55 a day. At an unsubsidized daycare, the daily fees can range from $35 to $60. The Quebec Ministry of Finance has a tool that will calculate the daily cost of daycare after applying provincial and federal tax benefits and deductions. It takes into consideration the parents' income, and the fees at a subsidized or unsubsidized daycare: Daycare Cost Calculator.


Childcare Tax Credits and Benefits

To learn more about claiming a tax credit, qualifying expenses, and obtaining advanced payments, please visit:

Revenue Quebec's Quebec Tax Credits for Childcare Expenses

Canada Revenue Agency's Childcare Expenses and Child Tax Benefit