Undergraduate Student Caregivers

Students Society of McGill University (SSMU)

Undergraduate students have services provided to them specifically by their student society, the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU). In addition to services, the Students’ Society of McGill University recently approved a new SSMU Family Care Policy. This policy calls for specific services for undergraduate students with dependants, such as childcare at all SSMU events, as well as advocacy and general support.

The SSMU Building (a.k.a. the William Shatner Building) is breastfeeding friendly. The student lounge on the ground floor has many couches and other seating arrangements that may be comfortable for children.

Additionally, some student groups, such as the Union for Gender Empowerment, have offered their offices as private breastfeeding zones for students who prefer privacy. You can go to the Union for Gender Empowerment Office in room 413 of the SSMU building to breastfeed at any time. You can contact the Family Resources Coordinator or the UGE for the code to the door. We will be installing a mini refrigerator soon for parents who might be pumping. 

SSMU Daycare

The SSMU Daycare is a non-profit private corporation subsidized by the Quebec Government which is affiliated with the Student Society of the McGill University (SSMU). The center is on campus and is set up to receive up to 8 infants of less than 18 months of age and 32 children of 18 months and older in accordance with the two daycare permits we hold from the Ministère de la Famille. They prioritize the children of undergraduate students first! You can read more about their admissions policy at their website.

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