The Grounds Services is committed to creating a green, clean campus environment.

Green initiatives

Electric equipment

To contribute to McGill's Carbon Neutrality goals, Grounds has acquired a fully electric mid-sized work truck- the first of its kind to be purchased in Quebec! We are now in the final stages of obtaining regulatory permission; this EV will soon be visible across the campus.

Landscaping & sustainable horticulture

Grounds doesn't use any chemical pesticides or herbicides in their on-campus landscaping. Our unit composts the leaves from the hundreds of trees on campus every fall. As a result, we no longer purchase any outside compost or mulch. A project is now underway to further improve on this operation by using the Big Hanna machine, an in-vessel composter, to produce an even better quality oil amendment with campus green waste. Implementation is expected in Fall 2020.


The services provided by our Grounds department include:

  • Maintenance of all exterior spaces on the downtown campus: green spaces, sidewalks and road, parking areas, McGill outdoor ice rink on west field
  • Snow removal (sidewalks, pathways, terraces, emergency exits, exterior parking lots and roofs)
  • Horticultural and landscaping services
  • Retrieval of pallets


Consult the Service Catalogue for more information. 

Contact us

luca.mascetti [at] (Luca Mascetti)
Grounds Supervisor
514-398-4603 or Cell: 514-829-3335

eric.champagne [at] (Eric Champagne )
Horticultural Supervisor
514-398-5895 or Cell: 514-829-3336

For general inquiries, email us at GroundsServicesOperations [at]

To request a service or report a problem, contact the Facilities Call Centre at fcc.fod [at] or 514-398-4555

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