Campus Planning and Development

Campus Planning and Development (CPD) guides and supports the future of McGill's campuses through collaboration and responsible stewardship to create sustainable, inclusive and innovative environments for students, faculty, staff, researchers and visitors.  

The CPD team includes urban planners, architects and other professionals dedicated to achieving optimal space planning and development for the McGill community. Their work focuses on three complementary areas: 

Master planning and development

CPD guides the physical evolution of McGill campuses in keeping with the long-term vision and strategic orientations articulated in the 2019 Master Plan.

As part of the implementation of the Master Plan, it oversees the planning of development, landscape and relocation projects. It liaises with municipal authorities on regulatory and campus development matters.

CPD is a member of the University Capital Priorities Working Group, which sets capital spending priorities and assesses development projects.

Space and program planning

CPD manages spatial resources to support the University priorities and meet its evolving academic, research and administrative needs.

It plans and manages space usage and allocation for McGill’s academic and administrative units in accordance with the Directive on the Allocation of University Space and in alignment with the Master Plan’s objectives and guiding principles. CPD is a member of the Space Allocation Working Group, which assesses complex requests (as defined in the Directive).

Real estate management

CPD supports the implementation of the Master Plan’s Real Estate Strategy and campus planning initiatives through the management of real estate assets, including leases, property disposals and acquisitions.

It seeks leasing opportunities, as a tenant and a landlord, in response to space needs, and negotiates leases.

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