Design Services

Design Services establishes design and construction standards and ensures that McGill’s facilities provide an environment that is aesthetically pleasing, sustainable, and conducive to the learning process, and which also enhances the teaching, research and public service functions of the University.

We prepare plans and technical specifications for classrooms, laboratories, landscape, teaching labs and small construction projects. We also oversee the work of external design consultants hired for the larger construction and renovation projects.

Note: Design Services and Project Management act as the designated representatives of McGill University with respect to construction or renovation project development and management for both in-house and external projects. Under no circumstances should faculties and departments plan renovation work by approaching consultants or contractors directly.

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Design Standards

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  • Prepare and revise the McGill Building Design Standards according to the requirements of the different McGill stakeholders (Office for Students with Disabilities, Office of Sustainability, Buildings and Grounds, Building Operations, etc.).
  • Develop sustainable performance design criteria for products, methods and practices, in accordance with the University’s Environmental Policy.

Construction and Renovation

  • Examine the feasibility of a construction or renovation project and identify the scope of work.
  • Prepare graphic presentation materials and proposals that may be required for project approvals or fundraising purposes
  • Prepare plans and technical specifications in accordance with the requirements of the client (unit) and all stakeholders.
  • Assist Project Management with the preparation of technical investigations and diagnostic studies, and with the development of estimates and budgets.
  • Participate in construction site meetings as required and prepare all documentation related to changes to the plans and technical specifications.
  • Prepare interior finish selections for all construction or renovation projects designed in-house.
  • Evaluate furniture needs on construction and renovation projects in collaboration with project managers and clients (units) and assist with the design, selection, purchase and installation.
  • Participate in the selection process for professional design consultants and review their work to ensure conformity with McGill standards and requirements.
  • Verify the contractor’s work on site to assure that technical requirements are met.
  • Provide technical support for investigations and diagnostic studies that may be required with respect to the condition of a building or for major building systems and components (for example: building structure, windows, curtain walls, vibration and noise problems, system malfunctions).
  • Maintain a drawing and technical specifications database for all McGill buildings and maintain historical records in the document management system (plans, archives, etc.).

Furniture, signage and moves

(For more info on how to request one of the following services, consult our Services section.)

  • Maintain appropriate guidelines and policies for interior and exterior signs.
  • Oversee the production and the installation of temporary and permanent exterior and interior signs.
  • Maintain appropriate guidelines and policies for interior furniture in classrooms, teaching labs and administrative spaces.
  • Prepare interior finish selection for space redecoration for employee moves and/or for new employees.
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