Retrieval of pallets

It is the responsibility of each department, when placing orders with suppliers, to make all necessary arrangements with the supplier to make sure that all pallets are retrieved after the goods and/or equipment have been delivered.

No pallets are to be left in corridors or in receiving docks areas at anytime in any building on campus.

Departments who did not make the necessary arrangements with their suppliers to retrieve the pallets can make arrangements with the Grounds Department to have the pallets picked-up by placing a call with Facilities Call Centre (FCC) at 514-398-4555, then:

  • When opening the Work Order with FCC, you will need to provide your name, telephone number, department name, location in the building of where the pallets are to be retrieved.
  • As this is a chargeable service, the FCC Dispatcher will request that you provide a FOAPAL number when placing the request.

All questions concerning pallet pick-up and disposal can be directed to Building Services by BuildingServicesOperations [at] (email).

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