General Community

Volunteers are an essential part of the university community; their participation and financial support are key elements in ensuring that coming generations of students achieve their goals. We are always looking for people to join our Engine community by participating in events or providing support/guidance to our many startup ventures. 

TechAccel Mentor

Image of two women networking.

Since 2013, The McGill Engine has worked with over 60 projects, helping them develop their entrepreneurial skill sets and making their ideas a reality.  
TechAccel grants help students jump-start and accelerate their technologically based ideas that have business or social impact potential. A large part of TechAccel grants are the mentors which advise each team helping them overcome challenges and accomplish their project goals.

Guest Speaker

Samer Saab presenting during the John D. Thompson Entrepreneurial Development Seminar.

Engine hosts a variety of events throughout the year; John D Thompson Seminar, Entrepreneurship-in-Action Series, panel discussions, networking events, etc. We are always looking for guest speakers to participate in our many events. 

WRSA Proposal Reviewer

WRSA awardee presenting his project.

The William and Rhea Seath Awards (WRSAs) recognize outstanding students and professors, who have innovative technological ideas or research results with potential for commercialization. 

TechIdea Pitch Competition Judge

We host an annual pitch competition during the John D.Thompson Entrepreneurial Development Seminar where 5 teams pitch their TechIdea and a panel of judges provide feedback and select the top three teams. Each year we look for judges with varied backgrounds to participate. Please reach out if you are interested in becoming a TechIdea pitch competition judge for our next event! 

General Advising & Coaching

Photo of Ultrasense presenting their project to attendees.

We are currently expanding our network of industry experts to help our Mentors or startups when the have questions or need specific guidance. Depending on the assistance needed our mentors will connect teams with an industry expert that matches the profile they are looking for. Depending on your availability you could be contacted once or multiple times a year. 

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