Invention to Impact Cohorts

Fall 2023 Cohort:

Logo of Bit HealixBit Healix: Prof. Yannis Trakadis, Bill Qi, and Adi Orlov, "Treatment Personalization through AI and Genomics."

Logo of Early Bird Therapeutics Early Bird Therapeutic: Prof. Abhinav Sharma, Dr. Elite Possik, and Elisabeth Lawton, "Accelerating and de-risking the drug development pipeline for cardiovascular and metabolic diseases."

Logo of EleutheriosEleutherios: Prof. Codruta Ignea, Jean-Alexandre Bureau, and Dan Voicu, "Biosynthesis of new to nature psychedelic derivatives for the treatment of mental disorders."

Logo of Kupier AutonomyKuiper Autonomy: Prof. Inna Sharf, Ehsan Yousefi, Rafid Saif, and Joey Chuang, "Delivering end-to-end shared autonomy solutions to industrial and research robots for safe integration of advanced AI and Robotics into human-robot teaming in industrial and research applications."

Logo of NanoAI SyntheticsNanoAi Synthetics: Prof. Jun Song, Prof. Songrui Zhao, Qiwen Qiu, and Juancheng Li, "AI-powered optimization and automation toolkit for atomic-precision molecular-beam epitaxy (MBE) material synthesis."

Logo of EmboMeterEmboMeter: Prof. Dan Nicolau, Dr. Ayyapasamy Sudalaiyadum Perumal, Mohammad Mahdi Mardanpour, Karine Baassiri, and Victor Novakov, "The wearable diagnostic solution for vascular gas embolism in clinical and high-risk environments."

Spring 2023 Cohort:

logo of CaborateCarborate: Alejandro Perez and Prof. Luis Miranda-Moreno, "An AI-driven GHG emission quantification, tracking, and optimization platform to aid eco-driven decision-making."

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Frailty mToolkitFrailty Toolkit: Ezinne Ekediegwu, Natasha Hassija, and Prof. Nancy Mayo, "Frailty Toolkit and Application is a new low-technology for easy and robust assessment and management of frail older Canadians in remote areas by geriatric healthcare professionals."

logo of MADSMulti-Agent Delivery System (MADS): Mohamed Mahmoud and Prof. Joseph Vybihal, "An autonomous multi-agent system that will solve many logistic problems."

logo of UraSenseUraSense: Reza Abbasi, Meruyert Imanbekova, and Prof. Sebastian Wachsmann-Hogiu, "A biosensor for uric acid measurement at home for gout early-state detection and monitoring."

logo of VoixIAVoixlA: Christian Moya Garcia, "An AI-powered processing system that can recommend further clinical tests if a throat cancer pattern is found in analyzed voice recordings."

Fall 2022 Cohort:

Dental Caries Assist logoDental Caries Assist: Professor Svetlana Komarova, Hossein Poorhemati, "An application of mineralization models to determine the progression of dental caries lesion and to combine it with clinical information to develop clinical treatment assistive tool."

RapidBrachyMCTPS logoRapidBrachyMCTPS: Professor Shirin Enger, Hossein Jafarzadeh, Yujing Zou and Sebastien Quetin, "An Open-Source Brachytherapy Treatment Planning System"

PreFab AI PhotonicsPreFab AI Photonics: Professor Odile Liboiron-Ladouceur and Dr. Dusan Gostimirovic, "A machine learning model that predicts nanofabrication errors and variations so that designers can verify their circuits without a costly and lengthy prototyping cycle"

Quantus logoQuantus: Professor Kirk H. Bevan and Yee Wei Foong, "An energy storage device via a new mechanism that can store as much energy as batteries but charge 2-10 times faster"

Spring 2022 Cohort:

Rezo BiomedicalsRezo Biomedicals: Professor Corinne Hoesli, Jonathan Brassard, and Michael Chuang, “A biomedical device that can be filled with insulin producing cells and vascularized to create a connection with the recipient’s blood circulation”

Syntherb BiotechSyntherb Biotech: Professor Codruta Ignea and Zimo Jin, “Modifying the yeast membrane composition to generate a plant-like yeast cell factory to improve the production of plant-origin fine chemicals"

TreeMaTech logoTreeMaTech: Professor Theo G.M. van de Ven and Mohammadhadi Moradian, "Production of sustainable straws from cellulose films"

Inaugural Cohort (Fall 2021):

Logo of BanditsBandits: Professor Daniel Varro and Sebastian Pilarski, and Slawomir Pilarski, “Solutions to decision-making problems via multi-armed bandits”

Logo of C2BioSurfacesC2BioSurfaces: Professor Corinne Hoesli and Hugo Level, “Versatile surface treatment platform to create cell-specific biocompatible implants or cell culture systems”

logo of ExogyExogy: Alexandre Marceau-Gozsy and Jonathan De Belle, “Long-haul hydrogen transportation solution to accelerate heavy vehicles transition towards net-zero emissions"

Logo of Mimetik SolutionsMimetik Solutions: Professor Jianyu Li, Zhenwei Ma, Ran Huo, Christopher Chung-Tze-Cheong, and Alex Nottegar, “Injectible, tough, adhesive hydrogel for sutureless wound management and meniscus repair"

Logo of TimeBiosystemsTime Biosystem: Professor J. Matt Kinsella, Salvador Flores-Torres, and Jacqueline Kort-Mascort, “Novel tissue-based biomaterial to replace preclinical small animal models for improved drug screening and development”

TrustCare LOGOTrustCare: Lulan Shen, Ruofeng Li, Yitian Zhang, and Shilei Lin, “AI-based solution to facilitate communication between residents’ family members and elderly care facilities”

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