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(Winner, McGill Dobson Cup Start-Up Competition, 2016) is developing the world’s first production electric snowmobile so that current and future generations can continue to explore all of winter’s pleasures in harmony with nature. The company was established by Mechanical Engineering students Gabriel Bernatchez (BEng’15), Sam Bruneau (BEng’14) and Paul Achard (BEng’15).


Co-founded by Mehrsan Javan (PhD’14 Computer Engineering, McGill) and Craig Buntin (MBA’13, McGill), Sportlogiq uses a combination of computer vision and AI technology developed at McGill. As the first commercial application, the Montreal startup tracks hockey players’ on-ice movement to generate detailed statistical analysis. It gives teams a competitive edge while also providing broadcasters and media with interesting data and brings fans closer to the game experience in real time. The company has sold its product to over 24 NHL teams and is aggressively expanding to other sports.



(Winner, William and Rhea Seath Awards Competition 2016, Runner up, McGill Dobson Cup Start-Up Competition, 2016) Patented technology that allows manufacturers to produce cement-free, carbon-negative concrete. The company is run and backed by four McGill graduates: Mehrdad Mahoutian (PhD Civil’14), Chris Stern (BEng’94), Yuri Mytko (BA’98), and Mario Venditti (BEng’93, MBA’07).

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VVector Bio

VVector Bio (WRSA 2019-20) is now in operation, offering support for R&D and preclinical studies in cell and gene therapy. The company provides expert services to help customize viral vector carriers and also to produce high yields of virus vectors for preclinical studies.

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Acrylic Robotics

We make robots that paint with precision, and software that can turn any image or idea into a masterpiece with real brushstrokes. In other words, we're creating a whole new medium of fine art for the modern age.

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Co-founded by three graduate students from the School of Urban Planning, Vincent-Charles Hodder (MUp’15), Colin Stewart (MUp’14) and Gabriel Damant-Sirois (MUp’14), focuses on collecting, cleaning and combining data to help travellers, home buyers and consumers make better, more informed decisions when choosing urban locations.

charge hub logo


Launched in 2012 as a special project of Mogile Technologies to help electric car drivers find public charging stations in the United States and in Canada. The company was founded by three McGill Mechanical Engineering graduates: Simon Ouellette (BEng’14, MEng’16, PhD’18), Olivier Proulx (BEng‘07, MEng‘14), and Francis DeBroux (MEng‘14). The mobile application and website have a community of over 100,000 users.

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(Winner, Innovation Award, 2015) was co-founded by Eric Gaskell (PhD Music ‘16) and his brother Peter Gaskell (MEng’09, PhD’17), a PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering. The company uses graphene—a material lighter, stronger and stiffer than steel— to build unique, high performance loudspeaker membranes. Ora’s proprietary nanocomposite formulation provides audiophile quality sound from smaller, more efficient loudspeakers.

temperpack logo


(Winner, McGill Dobson Cup Start-Up Competition, 2012, William and Rhea Seath Awards Competition 2013) Commercializing a novel insulation product for companies seeking to improve their large scale cold chain operations without disrupting their current shipping logistics. The company was co-founded by James McGoff and Charles A. Vincent, while they were both undergraduate students in Mining and Materials Engineering. 

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(Winner, William and Rhea Seath Awards Competition, 2016) provides sensor-based structural health monitoring (SHM) and seismic assessment of buildings to governmental organizations, engineering firms and the real estate industry. The project was developed at McGill over a period of five years by a graduate student in Civil Engineering, Farshad Mirshafiei (PhD’16), with the help of his brother Mehrdad Mirshafiei (PhD’16).

Sweater Planet company logo


Sweater Planet

Sweater Planet (formerly The Sweater Guys) is an entirely bootstrapped custom printing disruptor. They have scaled to providing high quality merchandise to companies across Canada. They changed their name in 2020 with a focus on curation, design and a frictionless process and pivoted to print-on-demand merchandise in 2021 due to the pandemic

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Copysmith’s AI copywriter handles the writing of marketing materials, meaning companies can focus on what they do best. Using cutting-edge machine learning, Copysmith asks a few questions and then augments the content creation process -- from blog posts to ad variants, product descriptions, taglines, and landing pages, all with just seconds of effort. logo has developed a revolutionary solution to monitor traffic networks in real-time, no matter if it is day or night, sunny or snowy. has recently been acquired by Velodyne Lidar. 

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