TechAccel Pre-Grantees and Grantees

Since 2016, we have awarded over $193,000 in TechAccel grants to early-stage teams that develop scalable innovations trying to solve social, health, or environmental challenges.

Fall 2022 TechAccel Pre-Grantees and Grantees:

Aiccessible logoWe started off doing data driven consulting in a variety of industries and have recently shifted our focus towards the oil and gas industry, and specifically fracking. We aim to leverage data and machine learning to make fracking safer, smarter, and sustainable by providing data-backed consulting to optimize fracking projects by minimizing risk and increasing productivity. We are advised by a group of oil and gas, and specifically fracking, industry experts

Brighten health logoBrighten Health is building the first mental health management platform that bridges access to personalized help for seasonal affective disorder, by targeting its clinically proven causes.

Hitch logoHitch is an online application-based service that has the aim to make backpack travelling seamless, comfortable and most importantly safe for everyone. Travelers will be able to hitch rides as well as use the features like hosting, guesting, rides etc. with almost zero dollars. With extra features of creating and joining various social events, travelers will be able to give rides and host other backpackers as well.

IKEI logoIkei aims to provide a low-cost, high-precision nutrient monitoring system for more efficient use of water and nutrients in hydroponic agriculture, and reduction of waste-water release. Typically, after multiple growth cycles, the nutrients in a hydroponic system become imbalanced, forcing growers to flush their system to prepare a new water culture. By monitoring the system’s nutrient content, nutrient water can be recycled through rebalancing, reducing costs and reducing waste.

Inspire logoInspire is a 3D-printed robotic arm that can diagnose 8 different respiratory conditions with 2x better accuracy than doctors, at 10 cents per patient, in less than 60 seconds. Because respiratory diseases are among the top 10 causes of fatalities worldwide, with the majority of fatalities occurring in developing regions (~4 million annually), this robotic arm will be distributed to clinics in these areas in order to provide affordable and accessible diagnostics.

Lodavo logoLodavo aims to make banking more fun and exciting to improve the financial situation of Canadians. We hope to encourage people to save more money by offering the possibility of winning large rewards.

Mediate logoMediate Health strives to become a trusted source for Americans seeking health related services. We provide users with price transparency nationwide along with a recommendations portal that helps make preventative care more approachable.

PreFab AI PhotonicsThe goal of this venture is to bring to the market our research on using machine learning to predict and correct for nanofabrication errors and variations in integrated photonic circuits. (Silicon) photonics brings the speed of light to applications such as high-performance quantum and neuromorphic computing, self-driving vehicles, biomedical sensors, and high-capacity data centers. Despite its huge potential as a transformative technology, silicon photonic circuits are extremely sensitive to small errors and variations that arise from the nanofabrication process and are therefore limited by their low reliability. We have developed a machine learning model that predicts nanofabrication errors and variations so that designers can verify their circuits without a costly and lengthy prototyping cycle. Furthermore, our model can automatically correct designs to minimize the predicted variations and to increase the level of performance. We plan to sell our models and software to research groups, photonic circuit manufacturers, and nanofabrication facilities, where we believe our models have the potential to become an invaluable component in the design and analysis process.

LiveGuard logoProject LiveGuard provides a real-time video and audio processing AI cloud service to edit and protect the streaming content of online content creators.

Our objective is to develop a mobile app, namely RADAR, that aims to help people discover cities and easily find places to suit their immediate restaurants and bars desires. The users will indicate their criteria (cost, location, types of food, atmosphere, etc.) in an interactive way, using the swipe right/left functionality.

This app will be delivered to students, first in Montréal, and with only one category (restaurants & bars), to start with a narrow market. The market size will increase with the addition of new cities and categories. The recommendations will become more tailored as the user base will increase, through algorithm-based data analysis. Addition of new features, such as the possibility to create groups based on similar interests, will contribute to building a larger user-base.

SealDeal logoSealDeal is a CRM system built for real estate brokerage firms. Our product is built with a focus on ease of use, task automation and third-party tools integration in the context of the real estate brokerage industry.

Skip the queue logoThe queues at certain events, with several Montreal clubs making great examples of this, can be obscenely long. From waiting an average of 1 hour to get into Muzique to queuing over 2 hours without even making it into Rouge Bar, this is not sustainable for a lot of us. QSkip serves as the go-to platform to purchase skip-the-queue QR code tickets, scannable by the club’s bouncer to provide instant entry. Thanks to our dynamic ticket pricing and quantities, we aim to provide a seamless user experience while maximizing club and company (in the form of service fee) profits from these ticket sales.

Someone logo1:1 advice from top alumni and current students for incoming pre-college & high school students who wants to apply for university.

Winter 2022 TechAccel Pre-Grantees and Grantees:

Logo of bioGEEKBioGEEK is a non-profit startup made of students passionate about using engineering to help underserved communities. BioGEEK's goal is to provide people with quick and accessible energy to help meet their everyday electrical needs. Using a linear track, a magnetic mass, a spring, and a roll of copper coil, we hope to produce enough energy to power small appliances and help alleviate the objective of making energy accessible to everyone.

Logo of SuttonSutton is a peer-hosted cloud. Sutton connects developers seeking affordable edge computing services to billions of computer owners whose devices hold valuable, unused processing power.

logo of Voire Voire is an organization that aims to revolutionize the museum experience through digitalization and artificial intelligence. Through Computer Recognition, we create value to customers by providing them with the necessary information they need to fully enjoy visiting a museum without having to be worried about not understanding what they are confronted to. Through a module, we allow customers to keep track of the pieces of art they visited in a museum, thus maximizing their experience.

Summer 2022 TechAccel Pre-Grantees and Grantees:

Commit to education logo

Commit Education delivers quality tutoring at an affordable rate to empower every student to reach their academic potential. Alongside our personalized tutoring, we also offer group sessions to promote a collaborative learning experience. To complement our services, we will build a streamlined communication platform for tutors and students.

Helios Gen Logo

Helios Gen is a start-up aiming to simplify users’ routine by providing clothing outfits created using artificial intelligence. This will allow clothing enthusiast and people who struggle with styling their clothes, to put less time into managing their clothing cycle whilst keeping a good look!

OD1N logoOD1N Health is creating a hands-free autonomous urinalysis technology, providing a fast and comprehensive overview of your health, at the comfort of your home.

Logo of RevívRevív is creating a closed-loop, carbon-negative system that upcycles waste plastic into fuel, driven by organic waste-derived catalysts which later serve as potent regenerative soil nutrients.

shahin logoShahin is a for-profit startup whose goal is to exploit the potential of drones to monitor traffic more efficiently. Using Computer Vision, we aim to detect traffic patterns in real time to prevent traffic congestion and to help drivers find the quickest paths to their destinations.

Streamline logo

Streamline is an innovative QR point of sale and payment rail system for cafes, restaurants, and bars. It's goal is to bring a simple, effective, and free POS solution to every local business in Montreal.

TrustCare LOGOTrustCare is building a bridge of communication and trust between family members and care facilities.

Urban Turbine logo

Urban Turbine is an electricity solution providing company via vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT) as a renewable energy solution. The energy demand will keep on increasing every year whereas the availability of nonrenewable sources of energy will be going down. Our idea revolves around addressing the electricity demand and the potential of wind energy, which eventually helps in fighting the climate crisis as well. We aim to develop a VAWT, that is better, cheaper and providing higher energy density compared to the available models in the market.


Fall 2021 TechAccel Pre-Grantees and Grantees:

Logo of BrightenBrighten is a new tech start-up focused on providing Canadians with personalized, accessible, and effective solutions for managing winter depression and seasonal affective disorder. Our dream is simple: to improve winters for millions of people and to normalize mental healthcare.

Freely logo in purpleFreely is a for-profit startup on a mission to make sexual wellness more accessible than ever. We are building a one-stop-shop website that empowers anybody to make informed decisions and design the perfect product for them. By leveraging AI and additive manufacturing, Freely offers completely custom sex toys that are as unique as you are.

Logo of Libro CompanyLibro is a venture started by students who promote the idea of a safeguarded workspace for studying. Our mission is to guard unattended electronics in public study spaces, and we aim to reinvent the way students interact with their belongings.

Logo of Mimetik SolutionsMimetik Solutions provides innovative biomaterials and creative solutions for printing tissue mimetic scaffolds for surgical training and regenerative medicine.

Logo of ParklueParklue is a venture that aims to build a community of shared parking spots through a mobile and web platform that contains two main components: allowing users to temporarily borrow and share parking spots, and an open forum for everyone.

Logo of RevívRevív is creating a closed-loop, carbon-negative system that upcycles waste plastic into fuel, driven by organic waste-derived catalysts which later serve as potent regenerative soil nutrients.

Logo of SMS NanoTechSMS NanoTech develops the next generation of automated diagnostic platforms. The first prototype « SALIVERA 1.0 » focuses on the early-stage diagnosis of Covid 19 and its variants through a rapid saliva test that is fully automated with over 99% sensitivity. The gold standard molecular diagnostics, PCR, is best suited for centralized and represents a burden for healthcare personal. It is also time-consuming and expensive. Our technology involves a quantitative patent-pending colorimetric platform, enabling a rapid and highly accurate detection of viral RNA with a turn-around time of 15 minutes.

Summer 2021 TechAccel Grantees:

Cloud Nine logoCloud Nine is the go-to platform for all things related to accommodation. It's an all-in-one solution that makes housing and related services more accessible and convenient.

logo of CourseLnkCourseLnk is a student-run, community oriented app that seeks to connect students together in order to help them keep up with their classes. The app is available at McGill, Western and Trent Universities and is the easiest way to find course group chats and classmates, especially during a time when in-person teaching and on-campus activities are largely suspended.

DIASin logoDIASkin Technologies is a for-profit startup venture dedicated to utilizing the UV-filtering properties of diatom microalgae frustules to offer affordable, eco-friendly, and effective sun protection to our customers’ skin.

Petience logoPètience is a for-profit tech start-up that aims to provide a comprehensive, interactive, and user-friendly digital platform that eases the pet parenting process and connects pet parents to local pet service providers to bring benefits to both sides. Our vision is to shape a pet-friendly future in the post-COVID Canadian community that is filled with responsible pet parents and sustainable pet businesses using modern technology such as mobile applications and web-based management software.

Sheltered logoSheltered is a non-profit project with the goal of addressing homelessness in Canada. Although homelessness is a systemic issue, Sheltered aims to provide a temporary shelter to the unhoused population while simultaneously raising awareness of the structural nature of this issue. Our product addresses needs that are specific to those in semi-permanent/permanent homeless living conditions through mechanical, structural, and material considerations.

Tulsi farm is a student project tasked with designing a sustainable food system that challenges the current urban agriculture infrastructure. To achieve this goal, the company is designing a novel hydroponics system founded on three food growing principles: minimizing the cost per unit of produce, maximizing vitamin and micronutrient content through experimental findings, and optimizing water and resource use as well as reusability of materials.

Winter 2021 TechAccel Grantees:

Hound logoHOUND is a for profit, portable timing device that will make you throw out your old stopwatch. With HOUND, you will be able to accurately time your sprints and train like a professional at an affordable price.

Recycling Pioneers logoRecycling Pioneers are a non-profit group building smart-waste bin with public waste displays for McGill campus.

Rheto logoRheto is an online (for profit) marketplace that offers a simple and refreshing way to connect clients with the best-suited lawyers for their legal issue.

Logo of SWAMSWAM is a for-profit business, with a product similar to Fitbit for high-performance athletics, specifically swimming. The product being developed is a network of intercommunicating wearable hardware modules that give a 3D model of a swimmer in motion, enabling Coaches to give much better technical feedback to their athletes.

TrustCare LOGOTrustCare is building a bridge of communication and trust between family members and care facilities.

Tulsi farm is a student project tasked with designing a sustainable food system that challenges the current urban agriculture infrastructure. To achieve this goal, the company is designing a novel hydroponics system founded on three food growing principles: minimizing the cost per unit of produce, maximizing vitamin and micronutrient content through experimental findings, and optimizing water and resource use as well as reusability of materials.


The McGill Engine is pleased to acknowledge the student teams who have received funding via our TechAccel grants:

Buzzle logoBuzzle is an interactive video editing app made for iPadOS and the Apple Pencil, it aims to break the barriers to video creation by providing a partly automated, intuitive, and efficient platform to its users.

copysmith company logoCopysmith’s AI copywriter handles the writing of marketing materials, meaning companies can focus on what they do best. Using cutting-edge machine learning, Copysmith asks a few questions and then augments the content creation process -- from blog posts to ad variants, product descriptions, taglines, and landing pages, all with just seconds of effort.

Ameko LogoWith the cost of wearable technology becoming more accessible, less cost prohibitive, and miniaturized for practical use, designing smart, wearable tech is literally at our fingertips. As such, Ameko set out to create every-day winter gloves embedded with the technology that provides comfort and safety, all while being fashionable.

L'escrime Libre logo.L'escrime Libre is an exciting new start-up focusing on providing innovative solutions for the sport of fencing. We are a group of engineers, programmers, and scientists aiming to reimagine the future of fencing. Our primary design product is a lightweight, portable, and low cost alternative to the current outmoded and expensive scoring systems that are standard in the sport.

Quantropy LogoQuantropy aims to provide retail traders with a holistic approach to investing. To do so, we equip them with the financial knowledge and tools they need to learn from industry practice and academia in order to seamlessly translate their gained insights into practice.

Regardless of their level of expertise or goals, they can intuitively scrutinize fundamental and technical data to identify patterns and build quantitative models and strategies with an assisted AI, which can then be deployed in real-time.

Neat logo.Neat is a file manager for visual thinkers. It's designed to help student groups, project leaders and remote work teams discover and share resources faster.

BioOptic LogoBioOptic is a necessary staple in physiotherapy and rehabilitative offices, globally, for its ability to characterize the abdominal compartment, non-invasively, for improved and targeted treatment plans. We directly measure and relate intra-abdominal pressure and abdominal wall elasticity to clinicians and patients, alike.

StudyBuddy logo. StudyBuddy is a platform for students to enhance their study experience while staying connected with friends.

Arno Project logoArno Project is a venture interested in developing a template for sustainable housing construction. By using biogenic materials and a centralized energy-management system for ensuring carbon-neutral construction and operation, Arno Project offers design and construction services for new environmentally-conscious home buyers. The team currently has a 200-square-foot prototype in construction in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, QC.

Tulsi farm logoWe are a student project tasked with designing a sustainable food system that challenges the current urban agriculture infrastructure. To achieve this goal, the company is designing a novel hydroponics system founded on three food growing principles: minimizing the cost per unit of produce, maximizing vitamin and micronutrient content through experimental findings, and optimizing water and resource use as well as reusability of materials.

7Square Logo7Square helps real estate investment companies find low-risk investments by finding high appreciating residential properties in Canada. Their platform finds undervalued real estate properties that are primed for high appreciation through the use of numerous sources of data, such as traditional past sales, urban data, demographic data, social media, and satellite imaging.

acrylic robotics logoAcrylic is an art-tech startup leveraging robotics & AI to allow visual artists to produce authenticated collections of painted artwork at scale. We’re on a mission to empower artists, make fine art accessible to all, and build the future of fine art creation tools.

logo of Afrobeats Central Afrobeats Central is a digital marketing company that aims to connect Afrobeats artists to editors, content curators, tastemakers on various streaming platforms as well as music magazines and blogs.

Ora-3D logo imageOra-3D is aiming to provide a smart and automated solution for effortless dental care by redesigning the decades old model of a toothbrush and automating it to intelligently provide a smart brushing experience.

CookiestructCookiestruct is offering customers 3D-printed, custom-made advanced cookie cutters that can make cookies for any occasions ranging from birthdays to anniversaries and weddings.

Curbside LogoCurbside is a mobile application to help commuters find on-street parking spots, and displays on an interactive map both the availability and the probability of occupancy of nearby parking spots using AI models.

Hydrolux logoHydrolux wants to produce and distribute green hydrogen to warehouses to supply fuel cell powered forklifts. Hydrogen forklifts are tougher, faster and safer than traditional forklifts.

Logo of LFAnt MedicalLFAnt Medical is a for-profit Montreal-based biotechnology startup dedicated to revolutionizing the point-of-care detection of infectious diseases. LFAnt is currently developing its flagship product, the Compact, which is a rapid and accurate at-home test for the detection of chlamydia and gonorrhea.

Sidekik's LogoSidekik is a for-profit mobile application that connects virtual tour guides to travelers by utilizing augmented reality.

Stocate LogoStocate is an online platform that supports the Buy Local movement by connecting local sellers with potential buyers. They represent small businesses, artists, grassroots organizations, producers, and independent teachers in our mission to empower individuals to find, create, and add their own value to the world.

Affluencial logo, black and white Affluencial is democratizing tailored financial advising, planning and investing so that individuals can have access to quality wealth management regardless of their net worth.

AngleSmart is aiming to provide a smart and automated solution for effortless dental care by redesigning the decades old model of a toothbrush and automating it to intelligently provide a smart brushing experience.

Cookiestruct Cookiestruct is offering customers 3D-printed, custom-made advanced cookie cutters that can make cookies for any occasions ranging from birthdays to anniversaries and weddings.

Lunavoy Lunavoy Inc. is a Canada based eCommerce and social network company offering an AI powered, web and mobile-app platform for connecting SME providers of tourist experiences / activities with travelers and travelers among themselves.

Logo of Alpha Iota AlloysAlpha Iota Alloys aims to develop novel ultra-lightweight magnesium (ULMg) alloys for applications where weight reduction is critical by developing eco-friendly and affordable-cost alloys with superior properties.

ozzie Ozzie is a low-cost self-driving robot that can deliver food to students on campus in under 5 minutes. It will do so using a complex technical stack that we are building including using machine learning for centimetre localization and mapping, and state-of-the-art obstacle detection.

Sweater Planet company logoThe Sweater Planet (formerly The Sweater Guys) Custom printed for the 21st century. Simply the sexiest sweater ever created. Designed by artists and refined by engineers, you won't want to take it off... Ever.

RokuloAt Rokulo, we are focused on deploying innovative machine learning and drone technologies to help mining companies of all sizes optimize their entire comminution process - from ore extraction, to truck transport, to mineral processing and finally recovery.

basedash company logoBaseDash is the ultimate collaborative database tooling platform for tech companies. View and edit data with beautiful UI-based workflows and share insights with your teammates instantly. BaseDash replaces traditional database clients with a modern, collaborative web app. Simply the best way to manage data for teams.

ZimDigesterOur social venture is focusing on renewable energy specifically biogas for home use. The project aims at providing bio-digesters to rural Zimbabwe families at an affordable price. The bio-digesters will mainly use animal excreta and food waste. The bio-digesters will be small units so that each homestead can have its own and each homestead will be taught how to properly operate and maintain it.

AXONA portable and affordable brain scanner for point-of-care diagnosis in ambulances, sports fields, field hospitals, and homes.

cookiestruct logoCookiestruct is offering customers 3D-printed, custom-made advanced cookie cutters that can make cookies for any occasions ranging from birthdays to anniversaries and weddings.

logo of dawaswiftDawaSwift is a secure web (& mobile-app)-based platform that incorporates shipping of medical supplies to patients and health institutions, in real-time, and is hinged on the combined Uber-Amazon model, in Kenya and potentially to other countries. We intend to use drones to reach out to emergency medical situations after few months of launch following the government of Kenya’s recent (2018) legalization of use of commercial drones.

Inti AerospaceInti Aerospace believes in releasing the world from the restrictions of battery powered flight, using the latest solar technology. A clean sheet design process has allowed us to develop an optimized UAV with unbeatable surveying performance. We appreciate your patience whilst we try to build a great product and look forward to sharing it with you in August 2018. The team is comprised of three members: Elie Bou-Gharios, CEO, BEng 2018, Mechanical Engineering, Callaghan Wilmott, CTO, BEng 2018, Mechanical Engineering, and Mathew Morgan, COO, BEng 2018, Mechanical Engineering.

UcreaUCrea's mission is to enable teams to create through additive manufacturing by providing them with the quality tools and services they need to bring their ideas to life. The team is comprised of six members: Ethienne Racine, BEng 2018, Mechanical Engineering, Sebastian De Cabrol, BCom 2018, Strategic Management with an International Business concentration, Isabel Moreno, BCom 2018, Accounting with a Managing for Sustainability concentration and a minor in French, Ammar Masood Khan, BCom 2019, Marketing with concentrations in Entrepreneurship and Data Analytics, Maneesha Pramdh Karunagoda, a first-year BEng student, and Adam Martino.

UV LED Curing SystemThe goal of this company is to create a for-profit business that brings a safe, reliable, and cost-efficient solution to curing UV activated resins used in the manufacturing of wooden instruments. The team is comprised of two members: Mariane Kim, BEng 2018, Electrical Engineering, and Justin Ye, BEng 2018, Electrical Engineering.

DOME AGEAt DomeAge, we thrive to provide outdoor lovers with the opportunity to experience nature in a new and unique way. Our modular construction kits easily transform into safe and beautiful geodesic domes that make your stay unforgettable.

SokoMtaaniSokoMtaani is a for-profit social enterprise that leverages already established mobile technology to provide a virtual marketplace for manufacturers and retailers in the sub-saharan market. Making it easier for local retailers to acquire goods just from the tap of a button.

CognitiveChemCognitiveChem aims to shape a healthier tomorrow by developing a platform powered by AI & crowd sourcing to help the chemistry community discover greener chemicals, faster.

ImmersedImmersed is a personalized language learning app that generates a tailored curriculum based on your everyday inputs into your phone. In addition, unlike other language learning software, our app facilitates subconscious learning of a language’s vocabulary by simply using your phone as you normally would.

DialysaveDialysave is a startup company based in Montreal, Canada.
Our mission is to provide widespread access to dialysis for patients suffering from End Stage Renal Disease, both locally and throughout the world.

blühen blühen involves creating and commercialising an intuitive extract dispensing device that allows consumers to seamlessly incorporate cannabis into their daily routines.

LumbrickLumbrick is a social venture aiming to improve the affordability and accessibility of biofuel for refugees in poverty. We empower women refugees to become self-supporting entrepreneurs by providing them the tools and know-how to recycle maize leaves and cardboard into briquettes, and sell them as cooking fuel to their community. In this way, we increase the food security and spendable income of refugee communities by supplying them with a low-cost direct substitute for firewood. The team is comprised of five co-founders: Ghalia Abdul-Baki, COO, MEng 2017, Civil Engineering, Amir Abushanab, CTO, BEng 2020, Mechanical Engineering with minors in software engineering and technological entrepreneurship, Line Jaber, CFO, BCom 2017, Marketing and Finance, Judith Li, CEO, BCom 2017, International Management, and Sarah Pellerin, CIO, BArts 2017, Political Science.

S!MVOThe S!MVO interface is uniquely targeted to university prospects and college students alike. Overall, the platform combines snapshot moments of our listed universities for prospective students to browse, relevant social media threads, and the opportunity to map out potential degrees using our planner. The aim of S!MVO thus benefits student higher education planning as well as university recruitment operations. The team is comprised of two co-founders: Thomas Karatzas, CTO, BEng 2018, Software Engineering and John Nnamchi, COO, BSci 2018, Biochemistry.

VenndorVenndor is the first mobile-oriented online classifieds application that seamlessly finds and matches buyers and sellers for an item at a mutually beneficial price while eliminating negotiation altogether. Venndor is revolutionizing the online P2P sales market with a fun and powerful matching principle, matching buyers and sellers at win-win prices, saving the time and hassle of negotiating with people. The team is comprised of three co-founders: Tynan Davis, CTO, BEng 2018, Software Engineering, Julien Marlatt, CEO, BCom 2017, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, and Operations, and Anthony Heinrich, CFO, BCom 2016, Entrepreneurship and Finance.

AppetiteAppetite is a social food sharing platform for people to buy and sell the meals that they prepare in their own kitchens.
The team is comprised of three co-founders: Sean Kaiser and Kristina Pearkes, both Mechanical Engineering, and Paul Bridi, Civil Engineering/Minor Computer Science, all expecting to graduate in May 2017.

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