Asbestos Incident Response Protocol

Asbestos Incident Response Protocol (user-end)

In case of an incident involving asbestos, follow these steps. If you are not sure, err on the side of caution: 

  1. Protect yourself first, e.g., leave the immediate area and go to a safe location.
  2. Protect others, e.g., keep everyone out of the area.
  3. Contain the issue if you can, e.g., close the door.
  4. Report the situation to the Facilities Call Centre: 514-398-4555

Facilities Centre Call will provide first-line support by 1) asking you key questions to assess the situation, 2) determining the appropriate response level, and 3) giving you first-level instructions.

Examples of incidents involving asbestos are:

  • Water infiltration, damage, floods 
  • Issues with ceiling tiles (collapsed, damaged, cracked, wet, missing) 
  • Visible damages or openings within ceilings and walls not present before 
  • Presence of debris or degraded construction materials (including abnormal presence of dust) 
  • Discovery or disturbance of suspected asbestos-containing materials 
  • Any construction or maintenance activity that may not be following asbestos-related procedures, such as: 
    • Worker without proper personal protective equipment in asbestos zone
    • Individual with personal protective equipment works or circulates outside the asbestos zone
    • Asbestos enclosure compromised (polyethelene plastic detached or torn)
    • Package labeled "asbestos" or yellow waste bag is found

Back-end process

The full Asbestos Incident Response Protocol details all the steps FMAS units need to take in case of an asbestos incident report. 

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