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The McGill University Asbestos Database is used to collect and maintain information about asbestos-containing building materials at McGill University’s downtown and MacDonald Campus buildings. It includes asbestos-containing building material surveys conducted internally or by external companies. Where applicable, pdf documents of complete buildings surveys are available upon request. 

The mandate of this asbestos database is to also address a Commission des Normes de l'Équité de la Santé et Sécurité au Travail (CNESST) requirement that focuses on the safe management of asbestos. In 2013 new provisions were designed to reduce the exposure of workers to asbestos dust.  In doing so, the Quebec Occupational Health and Safety Regulation and the Quebec Construction Safety Code were modified, and the following were included:

  1. The location and year of construction of sprayed-on asbestos or asbestos-containing materials in the building,
  2. The characterization of the building material for the presence of asbestos and evaluate the likelihood of being airborne,
  3. Provide corrective measures to prevent asbestos-containing materials to degrade over time, finally
  4. Maintain an asbestos registry and make it available for consultation.


Accessing the database can only be accessed through a McGill University IP Address or through McGill's VPN Network

It should be noted that the results of this survey provide an overview and a statistical representation of locations where asbestos-containing building materials are present. It was not a room-by-room survey thus the absence of sample results for any given location should not be interpreted as meaning there is no asbestos present. If such is the case more detailed inspections or tests should be performed by a qualified person to determine whether asbestos is present prior to conducting renovation, construction or maintenance work.

How to browse through the Asbestos web database

For a video tutorial on how to use the Asbestos web database: English version | Version français

Or read: the English instructionsles instructions en français

  1. Once you have accessed the database, you will be directed to the main page. Please select “McGill Asbestos Report by Building”
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