Laser Baseline Eye Testing

The laser baseline eye exam is a mandatory medical pre-assessment for all faculty, staff and students working with Class 3b and Class 4 lasers. Clinics are held periodically for laser users in order to establish a baseline for which any potential ocular damage related to laser activities can be assessed.

The purpose of the testing is to protect faculty, staff and students in the event of an actual or suspected laser injury. As well, the exam identifies workers who may be at risk from chronic exposure to certain continuous emission lasers. Early detection of biological changes or damage allows for intervention to stop further biological damage or to allow recovery from biological effects.

Please note that due to federal regulation, no laser safety permits will be approved without full participation in the program.

To participate in the OHP laser baseline eye examination for Class 3b and 4 laser users:

  • Register for a Laser Safety Training Course
  • Complete the OHP Laser Participant form
  • Email the completed form to the OHP Administrator or ehs [at] (subject: OHP%20Laser%20Participant%20Form) (EHS)
  • The OHP Administrator will contact you with the next available clinic date
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