Bourses Perspective Québec / Quebec Perspective Scholarships

The Government of Québec currently offers a series of bursaries to full-time university students in select prioritized fields, to help grow the workforce in these important sectors. As such, students enrolled in McGill Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) programs are eligible to participate in receiving these scholarships.


$2,500 per term, up to a total of $20,000 for a 4-year program (i.e. U1 through U4 = 8 terms at $2500/term)

Undergraduate students in a Foundation Year (U0) program may be eligible if they successfully complete a minimum of 12 credits at the U1 level in a given term.

The scholarship will be awarded to students after each successful completion of a full-time term of study. Since the amount paid under this program is considered as income, recipients will receive a tax slip at the end of the year.


Students are deemed eligible, if they are:

  • Registered at McGill as a Quebec Resident according to the Regulation respecting the definition of a Quebec resident and posses a valid Quebec Permanent Code.

  • Studying on a full-time basis (12 credits or more) for the semester in question (i.e. Students can make course selection changes until the term's Add/Drop deadline; however, 12 credits or more must be maintained in each term to remain eligible.) OR Deemed full-time (at least 6 credits) for students with a documented disability, certain family situations such as a young dependent child, or other exceptions to be defined by the Government of Québec. (Students who must be part-time can only do so with permission and are required to submit ISA’s Request for Permission to Study Part-time form each term by the term's add/drop deadline.)

  • Not receiving the Bourse d'Excellence for the same semester. (Students can not receive both the Bourse Perspective Québec and the Bourse d'Excellence for the same semester.)

NOTE: It is advisable to verify the eligibility requirements in more detail by visiting McGill's Service Point website’s Bourses Perspectives FAQs and the Quebec Government’s webpage on Bourses Perspectives Eligibility.

Scholarship Application

To receive this scholarship, eligible students must apply after each successfully completed full-time (or deemed full-time) study term by submitting through the Government portal.



Completed Semester Application Deadline
Fall 2023 February 28, 2024
Winter 2024 July 31, 2024
Summer 2024 October 31, 2024


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