Educator Resources

This page contains resources for all educators including primary and secondary instructors who are looking for resources on a number of topics that are relevant to Indigenous content and experience in the classroom- topics such as decolonization, safer spaces, strength-based education, and land-based education etc.

A Curriculum Resource Guide was created as a supporting resource for all instructors, even those outside of McGill who want to incorporate Indigenous content into their classrooms with important topics like residential schools and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

You can also find an extensive list of resources designed for educators, created by First Peoples' Post Secondary Storytelling Exchange.

McGill Instructors

If you are an instructor at McGill looking for a refresher on the basics or are looking for Indigenous information related to the McGill experience, the University's Indigenous Initiatives website has insightful resources. There are also many general allyship tools available, from historical resources to cultural protocols

Elementary & Secondary Educators

In order to address the TRC Calls to action, a working group titled "Walking Alongside: Responsibility and Redress in Quebec Teacher Education" was created with a focus on creating resources for Quebec school teachers who are looking for guidance on how to incorporate Indigenous issues and ways of knowing into their classrooms. These resources and training are primarily for elementary and secondary teachers in Quebec, but are available to all interested teachers. 

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