Call for Research Participants: A Study on Ecological Imagination

Published: 21 August 2023

Would you like to explore your ecological imagination?
Attend one to three creative, interactive, free and fun workshops?
Contribute to a better understanding of the role of imagination and creative arts practices in dealing with the climate crisis?

The McGill Education Community Garden are conducting a study in which we are exploring different practices for fostering ecological imagination with a focus on embodied, sensorial and arts-based approaches, and hope to work with you as part of this study to gain a better understanding of your experience, as a learner, with these practices, as well as their impact on your sense of well-being.

Who: Undergraduate and graduate students; English-speaking; 18 years or older
Where: McGill Education Community Garden
When: August-September 2023
How: Participation in the study involves completing a 15-20 min questionnaire, attending one to three workshop(s), and participating in a 45-min interview.
Participants will be offered up to $40 in compensation.

Study conducted under the supervision of Dr. Blane Leslie Harvey.

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