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Counselling Psychology Handbook

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Counselling Psychology On-Site Hours Log

IMPORTANT NOTE: Students going on Field Work and Internship must log their hours using Time2Track only.

Below you will find the spreadsheet used by supervisors and students for logging on-site student hours. Also below is a categories descriptions document for assistance in determining how to accurately log activities and a document explaining how to format the Excel sheet to fit on one printed page, should you have trouble doing so.

When filling out the log, please make sure that the weeks on the spreadsheet (in red) correspond to the Mondays of each week for the applicable semester the log is used for and that the semester is indicated along the top.


Changes to the Logging Form

  1. Cells for trainee, course, semester, supervisor and site identification information, as well as test name and type information, that must be completed by the student are now formatted with red text and yellow highlighting. Entering the requested information in each cell will automatically revert the cell to standard black and white formatting.
  2. Semester/Year values and Treatment Setting information must be selected from drop-down lists.
  3. Log category instructions are now included as comments embedded within each worksheet. Move the pointer over any cell containing a red tab in the top right corner to reveal a brief description of the activities that should be logged under that category.
  4. Page layouts are now set by default to print worksheets on three portrait oriented pages. Margins and scaling no longer need to be adjusted to fit the worksheet onto one page; instead, simply print the desired worksheet as-is.
  5. The spreadsheet file now includes an "Instructions" tab which contains the information from the "Logging Instructions Form".

Changes to the Logging Instructions Form

Most of the changes to the instruction form are minor and we hope they will make the instructions clearer. The more prominent changes have to do with:

  1. The rephrasing of the definitions for “consultation,” of which there are three different types.
  2. The clarification of the process for logging the number of clients for “other psychological interventions.”
  3. The splitting of the Woodcock Johnson III Test of Cognitive Abilities and Test of Achievement.
  4. The clarification of how internship students are supposed to submit their logging hours. (i.e., to their site supervisor vs. their McGill supervisor).




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