Faculty of Education COVID-19 FAQs

Thesis Guidelines

Additional Time Required to Book Oral Defences

To assist with GPS’s new administrative load associated with hosting and managing remote oral defences, all oral defences must now be scheduled on the GPS online oral defence calendar by administrative staff after the committee has selected a date and time. This may require a rescheduling on the part of the committee, if the selected date and time are not available by GPS. As such, longer than normal time delays should be expected and students are advised to start planning for their oral defence well in advance.  

Please review the Thesis Submission Process/FAQ (PDF) for all frequently asked questions related to the steps and processes for submitting your thesis. 

Guidelines, resources and deadlines are indicated below.

ECP Internal Deadlines

The Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology has internal deadlines of SEVEN (7) DAYS PRIOR to Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies initial submission deadlines.

To meet these internal deadlines, students must send an email to ecpinfo.education [at] mcgill.ca which contains the following:

  1. An electronic copy (PDF format) of the thesis 
  2. An electronic copy (PDF format) of the Nomination of Examiners and Thesis Submission Form (signed by the student and supervisor) (available for download via GPS)
  3. FOR DOCTORAL STUDENT SUBMISSIONS ONLY - an electronic copy (PDF format) of the PDF icon ECP Dissertation Submission Approval Form (please review the ECP Guidelines for Doctoral Dissertation Preparation and Supervisory Committee Responsibilities for further information)

Please ensure that the subject line of your email is formatted as follows:"Your Last/First Name, McGill ID, Degree and Program of Study - Thesis Submission

Once the Departmental Chair has reviewed and approved the thesis and signed the Nomination of Examiners and Thesis Submission Form, the student will be notified in a reply email to formalize the submission to Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (GPS) per the required deadlines.

*PLEASE NOTE: Theses may be returned for corrections prior to the Chair signing the Nomination of Examiners and Thesis Submission Form. Students will be required to resubmit as soon as possible for a second review, once the corrections have been made. This should be done promptly in order to obtain the Chair’s signature and meet GPS submission deadlines.

Guidelines & Resources

On the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Thesis page you will find:

  • General requirements
  • Guide for preparing a thesis
  • Instructions for initial thesis submission
  • Information about thesis examinations
  • Information about Doctoral oral defences
  • Instructions for final thesis submissions
  • e-Thesis regulations and instructions

For your convenience, please see a detailed flowsheet and FAQ of the entire thesis submission process from start to finish here. 

Submission Steps to GPS

Step 1: Initial Thesis Submission

  • Please review the guidelines for initial thesis submission, available on the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Initial e-Thesis Submission page, as well as the Departmental Internal Deadlines section below.

*Students are encouraged to submit their initial thesis to their Supervisor for review well in advance of the Departmental deadlines below. This is recommended to ensure adequate time to make corrections, if needed, before the Departmental deadlines.
**When submitting the initial and final thesis in the same semester the initial thesis must be submitted to Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies 6 WEEKS PRIOR to the final submission deadline, and seven days prior to this 6 week deadline to the Department (see the Internal Deadlines section below).

For Doctoral theses submissions, the doctoral oral defense will take place between the initial and final thesis submissions.

Step 2: Final Thesis Submission

  • The final thesis should be submitted electronically, through e-Thesis on Minerva. Step-by-step instructions are available on the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies e-Thesis page.

GPS Deadlines

Deadlines to submit to Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies can be found in the GPS Thesis Deadlines page.


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