PhD Economics Alumni


Year Ph.D. Recipient Thesis Title Supervisors Initial Position Institution
2024 Diallo, Yaya Three Essays in Labor Economics F. Lange + F. Amodio Consultant Enterprise Analysis Unit at the World Bank Group


Year Ph.D. Recipient Thesis Title Supervisors Initial Position Institution
2023 Yang, Fan Essays on Inequality and Fiscal Policy M. Poschke + R. Castro Postdoctoral Fellow, Economics McGill University
2023 Tang, Jian Essays on economic heterogeneity: dynamics of firm-level
productivity in the U.S., and effects of Covid lockdown
policies in China
R. Castro + M. Poschke Specialist Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
2023 Fairclough Campbell, Peta-Gay Essays on the labour market decisions of older workers S. Laszlo + F. Lange Associate Teaching Professor Economics, Penn State University
2023 Dai, Miao Essays in resource market imperfections and their impacts on
firm behaviour and the environment
H. Benchekroun + F. Amodio  Postdoctoral Researcher Center for Environmental Economics - Montpellier (CEE-M)
2023 Aberra, Adam Three Essays in Development Economics M. Chemin + S. Laszlo Associate Analysis Group
2023 Chakraborty, Aranya Learning and Technology Adoption in Developing Countries S. Laszlo + F. Amodio Assistant Professor Amrut Mody School of Management, Ahmedabad University
2023 Takano, Masaya Essays on nonparametric and high-dimensional econometrics J-M. Dufour Assistant Professor New Economic School, Moscow, Russia.
2022 Fatema, Naureen Food Security, land Rights, agriculture and conflict: An Empirical analysis of household and civil conflict in
Sub-Saharan Africa
F. Grimard + R. Cairns    
2022 Renee, Laetitia Essays in applied microeconomics F. Lange + F. Saltiel Assistant Professor Universite de Montreal
2022 Fournel, Jean-Francois Essays on the economics of electric vehicle markets: Effect of subsidies on adoption, infrastructure development, and
environmental outcomes
L. Lasio Postdoctoral position Toulouse School of Economics
2022 Barnwell-Menard, Jean-Louis Essays in applied microeconomics F. Lange Associate Analysis Group
2022 Fan, Alice Essays on regional income convergence M. Poschke + R. Castro Economist International Monetary Fund


Year Ph.D. Recipient Thesis Title Supervisors Initial Position Institution
2021 Book, Sau Lai Essays in International Trade and Economic Geography N. Long Assistant Professor University of International Business and Economics, Beijing
2021 Munteanu, Andrei Essays on the Economics of Education: Effects of Student Sorting and School Duration on Labor Market and Educational Outcomes F. Lange Assistant Professor UQAM
2021 He, Tianyu Three essays on inference for poverty and
inequality metrics
J-M. Dufour Assistant Professor School of Economics at Tianjin University
2021 Xu, Qi Three essays on occupational tasks, city size
wage gap, and multidimensional mismatch
R. Castro + T. Papageorgiou    
2021 Ahsan, Md Nazmul Statistical inference for stochastic volatility models J. Galbraith + J-M. Dufour Assistant Professor Concordia University
2021 Amundsen, Alexander Essays on firm dynamics M. Poschke  Economist Department of Finance Canada
2020 Li, Yang Three Essays in Health Economics E. Strumpf + L. Lasio Assistant Professor University of Nottingham Ningbo China
2020 Nguyen, Vinh Three essays in econometrics:
missing variables, endogeneity
parameters, and saddlepoint
approximation to bootstrapping
J-M. Dufour + R. Davidson Corporate Compliance Analytics Associate JP Morgan Chase


Year Ph.D. Recipient Thesis Title Supervisors Initial Position Institution
2019 He, Ailin Three empirical essays on program evaluation focus on childcare policy and immigration law F. Lange Analyst School of Population and Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia
2019 Zhang, Xian Essays on school duration and cohort size: Implications from the 1999 Ontario high school reform F. Lange Associate Credit Portfolio Analytics MUFG (Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group)
2019 Sharma, Chinmay Three essays in international macroeconomics M. Poschke Post Doctoral University of New Brunswick
2019 Li, Yifan Three essays on the impacts of trade liberalization on firms’ behavior and performance N. Long Assistant Professor Tianjin University
2019 Leung, Cheuk Shing Three essays in macroeconomics: wealth concentration and optimal progressive taxation M. Poschke + B. Kaymak Assistant Professor National Taiwan University
2019 Sun, Qian Three essays in labor economics. A study of the modern urban labor market in China F. Lange + S. Chaudhuri Assistant Professor  Shanghai University of International Business and Economics
2019 Hayati, Sara Essays on the changes in the occupational structure and the U.S. labor market outcomes M. Poschke    
2019 Pulido Lema, Diego Essays in experimental economics J. Engle-Warnick


Ernst & Young
2018 Miao, Zhuang

Three essays on market conditions and firms' behaviors in an imperfectly competitive industry


Ngo Van Long Assistant Professor Central University of Finance and Economics
2018 Ma, Jie Two essays on educational and occupational choices F. Lange + T. Papageorgiou Visiting Assistant Professor

Colgate University

2018 Zhao, Hong Essays on international currency, trend inflation, and policy uncertainty J. Handa + F. Ruge-Murcia Assistant Professor Nankai University 
2018 Uddin, Noor Mohammad Essays on exchange rate and inflation dynamics J. Handa    
2018 Liu, Jinjing Tail-based co-movement measures using the expected shortfall J. Galbraith + F. Carrieri Consultant World Bank
2018 Jian, Bixi Essays in risk modeling, asset pricing and network measurement in finance J-M. Dufour Senior Quantitative Analyst CIBC Toronto


Year Ph.D. Recipient Thesis Title Supervisors Initial Position Institution
2017 Tuuli, Maxwell Three essays on the economics of international firms Ngo Van Long Post-Doctoral Research Fellow Peter B. Gustavson School Of Business, University of Victoria, B.C.
2017 Chan, Ying Tung Three essays in macroeconomics with heterogeneous agents Ngo Van Long Assistant Professor Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
2017 irakli.japaridze [at] (Japaridze, Irakli)

Essays on fertility differentials, relative Consumption concerns and income inequality

F. Alvarez-Cuadrado + M. Poschke Policy Analyst Housing Finance Policy Division at Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation 
2017 kaywana.raeburn [at] (Raeburn, Kaywana)

Understanding decision-making in real life: Three artefactual field experiments in developing economies

J. Engle-Warnick + S. Laszlo

Feigenbaum Assistant Professor of Behavioral Economics

Union College
2016 jean-francois.mercier2 [at] (Mercier, Jean-Francois)

Three essays in contest theory

Licun Xue

Visiting Assistant Professor

Loyola Marymount University

2016 [at] (Song, Yan)

Three essays in health economics

S. Laszlo and F. Lange

Assistant Professor 

Jinan University, China
2016 lei.xu2 [at] (Xu, Lei)

Platform information management and competition

F. Lange and L. Xue Post-Doctoral Fellow

Toulouse School of Economics

2016 nagham.sayour [at] (Nagham, Sayour)

Empirical essays on human capital: determinants, returns and components

M. Chemin and S. Laszlo Assistant Professor

Lebanese American University

2016 Kang, Byunguk Essays on finite-sample inference in econometrics: dynamic structural models, measurement error models and reverse regression J.M. Dufour and V. Zinde-Walsh Associate Research fellow Korea Energy Economics Institute
2016 satallah [at] (B)atemeh.behzadnejad [at] (ehzadnejad, Fatemeh) Essays in environmental economics: the well-being impacts of environment and optimal resource extraction H. Benchekroun + C. Barrington-Leigh

Research Associate

University of Liverpool Management School

2016 douglas.barthold [at] (Barthold, Douglas) Empirical studies in health economics: health, health insurance, and health policy E. Strumpf and F.Grimard

Post Doctoral Fellow

USC Schaeffer Center


Year Ph.D. Recipient Thesis Title Supervisors Initial Position Institution
2015 liam.cheung [at] (H)zongye.huang [at] (uang, Zongye) Essays on structural transformation, trade and economic growth  N. Long and M. Poschke

Assistant Professor

Capital University of Economics and Business

2015 purevdorj.tuvaandorj [at] (Tuvaandorj, Pujee) Essays on weak identification, model selection and hypothosis testing in econometrics J-M. Dufour and V. Zinde-Walsh

Assistant Professor of Economics


2015 liam.cheung [at] (L)xin.liang2 [at] (iang, Xin) Essays on necessary and sufficient conditions for global and local identification in linear and nonlinear models J-M. Dufour and V. Zinde-Walsh

Senior Analyst 

BMO Financial Group

2015 liam.cheung [at] (T)dina.tasneem [at] (asneem, Dina) Three behavioral studies in dynamic decision making J. Engle-Warnick and Hassan Benchekroun

Assistant Professor

American University of Sharjah



Year Ph.D. Recipient Thesis Title Supervisors Initial Position Institution
2013 liam.cheung [at] (Cheung, Liam) Analyzing the effect of market regulation using high frequency market data (external Dr.Bryan Campbell, Concordia) J. Galbraith and S. Sarkissian

Course Lecturer

Portfolio Manager

McGill University

Tactex Asset

2013 Tabri, Rami V. Empirical likelihood and constrained statistical inference for some moment inequality models (external N. Gospodinov, Concordia) R. Davidson and V. Zinde-Walsh Assistant Professor School of Economics - The University of Sydney
2013 Taherkhani, Farnaz Essays on transboundary pollution games H. Benchekroun and F. Alvarez-Cuadrado Assistant Professor

 Sultan Qaboos University

2013 Trokic, Mirza Distribution theory and inference for regulated integrated and fractionally integrated processes (external: Prof. Morten Nielsen) R. Davidson and J.M. Dufour Assistant Professor Bilkent University
2013 Zhang, Hui Jun Essays on causality and volability in economics with finance applications (external J-Michel Zakoian) J.M. Dufour and J. Galbraith INET Research Associate University of Cambridge
2012 Atallah, Samer Essays on resource-dependent economies: Political economy and strategic behaviour (external R. Oladi, U of Utah) N.V. Long and H. Benchekroun Assistant Professor The American University of Cairo
2012 Canta, Michel Macroeconomics effects of banking regulation in emerging markets: The role of countercyclical bank capital requirements (Kevin Moran, U de Laval) F.Grimard and S. Laszlo

Superintendency of Banking

Insurance and Private Pension Funds of Peru


Year Ph.D. Recipient Thesis Title Supervisors Initial Position Institution
2011 Dean, Jason George The economic integration of Canadian immigrants J. Hunt and M. Mackinnon Economist Analysis Group, Montreal
2011 maryam.dilmaghani [at] (Esmaeilpour Dilmaghani, Maryam) Three essasy on economics of non-market institutions J. Engle-Warnick Assistant Professor St. Mary's University - Sobey School of Business
2011 Lim, Helen Gek Neo Education and Health D. Parent and F. Grimard Not available Not available
2011 eesha.senchoudhury [at] (Sen Choudhury, Eesha) Three essays on the optimal degree of enforcement of the property rights: Determination and impact N.V.Long and H. Benchekroun Course Lecturer McGill University
2011 taweewan.sidthidet [at] (Sidthidet,Taweewan) Competition and mergers under liquidity and credit risks in the banking industry H. Benchekroun Faculty Lecturer McGill University
2011 bok.younghoon [at] (Young Hoon, Bok Hoong) Essays on the empirical implications of performance pay contracts (external B.Shearer, U de Laval) D. Parent Lecturer The University of West Indies - St. Augustime Campus
2010 Rakovski, Tzvetana Three essays on trade, growth and capital mobility across countries: Evidence from panel data V. Zinde-Walsh and J.Galbraith Course Lecturer McGill University


Year Ph.D. Recipient Thesis Title Supervisors Initial Position Institution
2009 carlene.belford [at] (Belford)carlene.belford [at] (, Carlene) Essays on airline competition and network structure L. Xue and M. Sinitsyn Economist Competition Bureau Canada
2009 dovietdung [at] (Do,Dung Viet) Three essays in the economics of globalization N. V. Long and H. Benchekroun

Senior Country Officer

World Bank Vietnam

2009 cntantamis [at] (Ntantamis,Christos) Identifying hidden boundaries within economic data in the time and space domains J. W. Galbraith and V. Zinde-Walsh Assistant Professor Mount Allison University
2009 claus.vonrestorff [at] (Von Restorff,Claus) Three essays on labour mobility D. Parent and J. Hunt Economist Department of Finance - Ottawa
2009 Zhang, Jin Three essays on free trade agreements and R & D collaboration: A network approach L. Xue Assistant Professor School of International Business and Economics, Beijing, China
2008 jhchou [at] (Chou, Stephen Jui-Hsien) Essays on strategic trade policies: Differentiated products and exhaustible resources N.V. Long and H. Benchekroun Assistant Professor National Tsinghua University - Taiwan
2008 Gebregiorgis, Sinkie Bekele Essays in the international economics of credit and banking J. Handa and F. Grimard   Statistics Canada
2008 a.raychaudhuri [at] (Ray Chaudhuri, Amrita) Mergers under trade liberalization H. Benchekroun Assistant Professor University of Winnipeg, Canada
2008 bsengupta [at] (Sengupta, Bodhisattva) Federalism, public good provision and corruption: Three essays in political economy N.V. Long and H. Benchekroun Assistant Professor Indian Institute of Technology-Guwahati, Assam, India
2008 swang2 [at] (Wang, Shengzu) Economic policies in developing and emerging market economies: Three essays in international and development economics N.V. Long Economist International Monetary Fund, USA
2007 ASirehJallow [at] (Jallow, Abdoulie) Regional integration readiness of The Gambia: Empirical assessments of the optimality of the Sene-Gambia as a currency area and the trade facilitation of the Sene-Gambia confederation on the Gambian economy J. Handa and F. Grimard Lead Economist Islamic Development Bank, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
2007 patrick.richard2 [at] (Richard, Patrick) Sieve bootstrap unit root tests R. Davidson and V. Zinde-Walsh Assistant Professor University of Sherbrooke, Canada
2007 llzhang [at] (Zhang, Lingling) Endogenous coalition formation: Theory and applications L. Xue and T. Kunimoto Assistant Professor University of Rhode Island
2007 zhudm [at] (Zhu, Dongming) Asymmetric heavy-tailed distributions: Theory and applications to finance and risk management V. Zinde-Walsh and J.W. Galbraith Associate Professor Peking University, HSBC School of Business, China
2006 s.baksi [at] (Baksi,Soham) Essays on environmental policies, corruption and energy N.V. Long and C. Green Adjunct Professor University of Winnipeg, Canada
2006 alexander.darku [at] (Darku, Alexander) Essays in monetary economics and international economics J. Handa and F. Grimard Associate Professor University of Lethbridge, Canada
2006 kwan.ko [at] (Ko, Kwan Wai) Three essays on information and communication technology and financial globalization J. Handa and F. Grimard Instructor The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, Hong Kong
2005 Kahsay, Ghebre Shibeshi Three essays on the macro economic effects of international capital flows J. Handa and F. Grimard   European University College Brussels - Dubai Branch, UAE
2005 yulia.kotlyarova [at] (Kotylarova, Yulia) Kernal estimators: Testing and bandwidth selection in models of unknown smoothness V. Zinde-Walsh and J.W. Galbraith Associate Professor Dalhousie University, Canada
2005 Liao, Weinian Evolution of the payments system and the long-run demand for money in Canada J. Handa and T. Velk   Bank of Nova Scotia, Toronto
2004 Dalgic, H. Engin Essays in political economy N.V. Long and R. Cairns Economist International Monetary Fund, Washington, DC
2004 tkisinbay [at] (Kisinbay,Turgut) Predictive ability or data snooping? Essays on forecasting with large data sets J. W. Galbraith and V. Zinde-Walsh Economist International Monetary Fund, USA
2004 efe.postalci [at] (Postalci, Mustafa Efe) Stable Nash networks with production J. Greenberg and V. Bala Assistant Professor Izmir University of Economics, Turkey
2004 serguei.zernov [at] (Zernov, Serguei) Three essays in financial econometrics J.W. Galbraith and V. Zinde-Walsh   TD Bank, Montreal
2002 oadedeji [at] (Adedeji, Olumuyiwa) The intertemporal approach to modeling the current account: Evidence from Nigeria J. Handa and F. Grimard Economist International Monetary Fund, USA
2002 jorol [at] (Cavalcante, Jorge) Fractional integration and long memory models of stochastic volatility in emerging markets J.W. Galbraith and V. Zinde-Walsh Manager Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Economico e Social(BNDES), Brazil
2002 tian [at] (Tian, Huilan) Three essays on trade, resources and environment R. Cairns and N. V. Long Assistant Professor University of Toronto, Scarborough, Canada
2002 minhvo [at] (Vo, Minh) Essays on market microstructure theory J. Greenberg Assistant Professor University of Minnesota-Morris, USA
2001 lagama [at] (Agama, Laurie-Ann) Trade and economic growth: An econometric investigation of Southern Africa J. Iton and F. Grimard Economist United States International Trade Commission (USITC), USA
2001 Mikhail, Ossama The persistence of unemployment in Canada and sectoral labour mobility J. Handa and C. Eberwein Assistant Professor University of Central Florida, USA
2001 Yin, Xiaopeng Endogenous growth, international trade and dynamics N. V. Long and R. Cairns Associate Professor School of International Trade & Economics, UIBE
2000 Diamantoudi, Effrosyni Coalition structures J. Greenberg and C. Eberwein Associate Professor Concordia University, Montreal
2000 ecslx [at] (Luo,Xiao) Information, knowledge, and stability: Essays in game theory J. Greenberg Associate Professor National University of Singapore
2000 Oladi, Gholamreza Three essays in international economics J. Greenberg and N.V. Long Assistant Professor Utah State University, USA
2000 jolters [at] (Olters, Jan-Peter) Endogenous ballot decisions and "optimal" fluctuations: An economic theory of politics V. Bala and C. Eberwein

Managing Director 


2000 [at] (Rogers, Sean) Depression and war: Three essays on the Canadian economy 1930-1945 M. MacKinnon Assistant Professor Dalhousie University, Canada
2000 jyou [at] (You, Jiazhong) Robust estimation and testing: Finite-sample properties and econometric applications J.W. Galbraith and V. Zinde-Walsh Analyst Federal Express, USA


Year Ph.D. Recipient Thesis Title Supervisors Initial Position Institution
1999 zyang [at] (Yang, Zhao) Three essays on sustainable growth and environmental control R. Cairns and N. V. Long Research Statistician Old Dominion University, USA
1999 assaf [at] (Assaf, Ata) Fractional integration, stable distributions and long-memory models of foreign exchange rates J.W. Galbraith and V. Zinde-Walsh Assistant Professor University of Windsor, Canada
1999 greg [at] (Tkacz, Greg) Three empirical essays on asymmetries in the monetary policy transmission mechanism J.W. Galbraith and V. Zinde-Walsh Associate Professor St. Francis Xavier University, Canada
1997 Barnard, G. Alan Inter-industry wage differentials and the role of workers' concern for equity L. Soderstrom and C. Ragan    
1996 Newman, Edward An analysis of utilization of health services by the elderly in Canada L. Soderstron and B. Hamilton    
1996 Xue, Licun Coalitional stability in strategic situations J. Greenberg and V. Bala Associate Professor McGill University, Montreal
1996 Sood, Premlata Khetan Profit sharing,unemployment,and inflation in Canada: A simulation analysis A. Vicas    
1996 rtoppa [at] (Toppa, Rebecca Saunders) Some of the effects of capital taxation: A theoretical and empirical analysis N.V. Long and W.Watson    
1995 nrickman [at] (Rickman, Neil) The effects of contingent and hourly fees on litigation outcomes S. Hogan and N.V. Long Head of Department University of Surrey, UK
1995 pcrowley [at] (Crowley, Patrick) The exchange rate mechanism of the European Monetary System: Volatility, target zones and prospects V. Zinde-Walsh, R. Rowley, J. McCallum Professor Texas A&M University, USA
1995 waberra [at] (Aberra, Worku) Poverty and agricultural productivity among rural households in Ethiopia J. Rowley and M. Frankman Department Chair Dawson College, Montreal
1995 deunden [at] (Nikomborirak, Deunden) Three essays on the role of exchange rate in stabilization, foreign investment mobilization and macropolicy coordination R. Cairns and J.Greenberg Research Specialist Thailand Research Development Institute (TRDI)
1994 Ganguli, Alakananda Globalization of financial markets and the demand for international reserves: The case of the industrialized countries J. Kurien and J. W. Galbraith    
1994 Mwau, Geoffrey Government and private sector responses to external shocks and their effects on the current account: Evidence from Kenya, 1973-1988 J. Handa and J. Iton Economist United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA)
1994 George.Sciadas [at] (Sciadas, George) The measurement of banking output and the treatment of interest in the system of national accounts J. Handa and C. Ragan Chief, Information Society Research and Analysis Statistics Canada
1994 dmahabir [at] (Mahabir, Dhanayshar) Potential competition and multi-product activity J. Rowely and C. Green Lecturer University of the West Indies, Trinidad&Tabago
1993 eaddison [at] (Addison, Ernest Kwamina Yedu) Macroeconomic implications of sectoral terms of trade changes C.J. Kurien and V. Bala Chief Economist West African Monetary Institute, Ghana
1993 spotton [at] (Spotton, Brenda L.) A study in financial instability R. Rowley and J. McCallum Professor York University, Canada
1993 Heyes, Anthony G. Three essays on the theory and practice of environmental standard-setting R. Cairns and N.V. Long Professor University of London, UK
1992 Novkovic, Sonja Theory of the labor-managed firm: The Yugoslavian case N.V. Long and R. Cairns Professor St. Mary's University, Canada
1992 Nitzan, Jonathan Inflation as restructuring: A theoretical and empirical account of the U.S. experience J. Rowley and A. Fenichel Associate Professor York University, Canada
1992 Liston, Catherine Three essays on the theory and practice of defence procurement: The case of shipbuilding R. Cairns and V. Bala Senior Lecturer University of London, UK
1990 De Neeve, Eileen O'Brien Bernard Lonergan's "Circulation analysis" and macrodynamics J. McCallum and P.Davenport   Thomas More Institute for Adult Education, Canada
1990 Gaynor, William Beryl The "classical" monetary theories of Marshall, Wicksell, and Keynes and the General theory's critique: Equilibrium, price trends, and cycles T. Kompas and J. McCallum    
1990 Economopoulos, Takis Post-Keynesian theory and the transmission mechanism of money and credit      


Year Ph.D. Recipient Thesis Title Supervisors Initial Position Institution
1989 Thomas, Desmond Effects of devaluation in a small open economy with application to Jamaica K. Levitt and J. Rowley    
1988 Maschino, Denis Avantages compares, specialisation internationale intra-industrie et achats publics: Aspects conceptuels, quantitatifs et institutionnels au Canada P. Davenport and M. Frankman    
1988 Gentzoglanis, Anastassios Cost structure characteristics of the Canadian telecommunications carriers: Some empirical evidence from Bell Canada and Alberta Government Telephones (AGT) R. Cairns and C. Green Associate Professor Universite de Sherbrooke, Canada
1988 Ken.Matziorinis [at] (Matziorinis, Kenneth) Replacement investment: A new view J. Rowley and C. Green Instructor & Adjunct Professor John Abbott College & CCE, McGill University, Montreal
1988 Alagheband, B. M. D. Ridge regression: With application to an econometric model for Canada J. Rowley and C. Ma    
1988 Ameziane-Hassani, Mohammed Small scale farming and agricultural risks in the semi-arid areas of Jordan G. Grantham and C. Ma    
1987 Ngomba, Peter Njoh The developmental impact of public investment in education, science and technology in Cameroon, 1960-1980 K. Levitt and J. Rowley    
1987 Nigam, Ashok Kumar Effects of devaluation in a short-run structuralist macro model for developing countries: A case study of India J. Handa and C. J. Kurien    
1987 Eng, Yong Heng Exchange market efficiency, currency substitution and exchange rate determination: Issues, implications and evidence for the Asian currency market J. Handa and M. Frankman    
1987 Smith, Margaret Export earnings instability in Brazil, 1953-1983 M.Frankman and A. Vicas    
1986 kwampah [at] (Wampah, Henry Akpenamawu Kofi) Agricultural pricing policies in developing countries: The case of cocoa pricing in Ghana C. J. Kurien Director of Research West African Monetary Institute, Ghana
1986 Connord-Lajambe, Helene Analyse des perspectives a long terme du systeme energetique du Quebec: le potentiel renouvable P. Davenport and D. Haurie (U de M)    
1986 Bruce, Colin Contractual unenforceability, external debt renegociation and the effective incidence of the burden of debt service J. Weldon and J. Rowley    
1986 Nallainayagam, Vettivelu Economic development and income distribution : the experience of Sri Lanka, 1953-1978 M. Frankman and J. Handa Instructor Mount Royal College, Canada
1985 Narrainen, Streevarsen P. The effects of inflation rates on Canadian chartered banks' portfolio allocation, 1960-1980 J. Handa and C.J. Kurien    
1985 Al-Roubaie, Amer S. A. Oil revenues, capital expenditures and structural change: The case of Iraq, 1950-1980 A. Vicas and C.J. Kurien Associate Professor International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilisation (ISTAC), Malaysia
1985 Bana, Ismail Currency substitution and transactions costs: Issues, implications and evidence for Canada J. Handa and T. Velk    
1985 Li, Cheuk Ming Pareto optimality and beyond J. Weldon and Levine    
1985 Grynberg, Roman Pattern bargaining and fringe benefits : an institutionalist approach to the North American automobile industry, 1949-1958 P. Davenport and M. Frankman Associate Professor University of the South Pacific, Fiji
1984 Omar, Jaber H. The Brazilian crawl: Its impact on trade and capital flows M. Frankman and C. J. Kurien    
1984 Altman, Morris A comparative economic history of Quebec and Ontario, 1870-1910: An analysis of the statistical sources Wright and G. Grantham Professor University of Saskatchewan
1984 Jain, Renuka Economic fluctuations, structure, and measurement: Three essays on 'soft' econometrics J. Rowley and J. Weldon Professor Worcester State College, USA
1984 Haifa, Said J. The monetary approach to the balance of payments: An analysis of the balance of payments of the major Arab oil exporting countries J. Handa and T. Velk Professor Bizreit University
1984 Yhip, Terrence M. The productivity of foreign savings in a developing economy: A case study of South Korea, 1961-1980 J. Iton and R.Cairns    
1983 Jahana, Selima Money, income and the balance of payments of Bangladesh: A macroeconomic model J. Handa and C. J.Kurien    
1983 Ramtoolah, Mohammad Tawfik The behaviour of the foreign exchange markets: An empirical study A. Asimakopulos and Meyer    
1983 Dussault, Ginette La discrimination sur le marche du travail: Le cas des employes de bureau a Montreal A. Asimakopulos and L. Soderstron    
1983 Chicha-Pontbriand, Marie-Therese Extension de l'approche comptable du surplus economique: Aspects conceptuels, quantitatifs et pragmatiques J. Weldon and T.K. Rymes Professeur Universite de Montreal
1983 Supapol, Bhasu Bhanich International liquidity, reserves, and monetary gold J. Weldon and C.J. Kurien Director SCB Research Institute, Thailand
1983 Antoniou, Andreas Ownership and control of the largest Canadian owned corporations, 1979 J. Rowley and C. Green Associate Professor The Philips College, Cyprus
1983 Seccareccia, Mario Price changes and movements in the composition of output and employment in Canada: Theoretical framework and empirical analysis J. Weldon and P. Davenport Professor University of Ottawa
1983 Mendell, Marguerite Social, political and cultural determinants of economic activity: Comparative perspectives J. Weldon and T. Naylor Associate Professor Concordia University
1983 Bastien, Michel Valeur monetaire de modifications permanentes au niveau de sante : un essai d'estimation base sur les fonctions de bien-etre individuelles W. Watson and Dagenais    
1982 Somers, Bertram A. The economic effects of public pension plans in Canada: A theoretical and empirical analysis J. Handa and A. Deutsch Instructor John Abbott College and Concordia University, Montreal
1982 Paquette, Pierre L'extraction de matieres premieres et la politique miniere de l'Etat : une analyse de leur evolution et de leur contribution au developpement economique du Quebec, 1867-1975 P. Davenport and T. Naylor   Royal Military College, Canada
1982 Sharpe, Donald Andrew The structure of the Canadian economy, 1961-76: A Marxian input-output analysis J. Weldon Executive Director Centre for the Study of Living Standards, Canada
1982 Hamouda, Omar The treatment of time in the theoretical writings of Sir John Hicks A. Asimakopulos and Beach Associate Professor York University, Canada
1982 Brown, Adlith Unemployment in Jamaica: An analysis of the relation between the demand for labour and the distribution of income K. Levitt and J. Weldon    
1981 Yalinpala, Cemal Karl Marx's theory of technological unemployment Beach Instructor Vanier College
1981 Boss, Helen Harte Productive labour, unproductive labour, and the boundary of economic domain,1662-1980: History, analysis, applications J. Weldon    
1981 Bellemare, Diane La securite du revenue au Canada: Une analyse economique de l'avenement de l'Etat-Providence J. Weldon    
1981 Kwanashie, Michael The public sector and economic growth in Nigeria: Policy simulation with partial adjustment models C. J. Kurien Professor Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria
1981 Forde, Penelope Tax incentives and investment in two Canadian manufacturing industries A. Asimakopulos Chief Economist Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago
1980 Cockerline, Jon Econometrics of money demand with applications to the Canadian economy J. Rowley Director of Research Toronto Stock Exchange, Canaa
1980 Rizk, Nabila El-Hamawi An economy dominated by a public good: Egypt and the Nile over 5000 years J. Weldon    
1980 Chaudhry, Shahid Amjad An investigation into the possibilities of effective supply management of primary commodities with special reference to trade in copper and wheat I. Brecher    
1980 (Trak) Bugra, Ayse Labour intensive technologies for underdeveloped countries: A critique M. Frankman Professor Bogazici University
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Year Ph.D. Recipient Thesis Title Supervisors Initial Position Institution
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Year Ph.D. Recipient Thesis Title Supervisors Initial Position Institution
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