MA Program

The Department of Economics offers the following graduate program:

The MA non-thesis program is completed in 3 terms: fall, winter and summer. You will be charged as a Master's full-time student for each term (including the summer term). If you have any other tuition fee related questions, please visit the student accounts office

In general, courses and examinations in the M.A. program are given in Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Econometrics, and the following fields: Advanced Theory (Mathematical Economics), Economic Development, Economic History, Industrial Organization, International Economics, Health Economics, Labour Economics, Monetary Economics, and Public Finance. In some years, however, some field courses may not be offered. A list of the graduate courses offered in the current academic year is available from the Department's website under graduate course listing

Refresher Course in Mathematical Methods

Every August, the Department offers a refresher course in mathematical methods covering the basic techniques of calculus and linear algebra. This is not a substitute for courses in calculus and linear algebra. Because instructors will assume the material covered is known to all incoming graduate students, the course is strongly recommended to M.A. and Ph.D. students. Tuition is not assessed and registration for this course is not required. Qualifying Year students may attend.

The Qualifying Year

Graduate applicants who do not have an adequate background in either economics or mathematics may be admitted to the Qualifying Year (QY). QY students take three full-year (September-April) Honours economics undergraduate level courses:

ECON 250D1/D1 Intro to Econ Theory: Honours; and 
ECON 257D1/D2 Economic Statistics: Honours; and
ECON 352D1/D2 Macroeconomics: Honours;and
either a fourth year-long course or two semester-long courses for a total of 24 credits.

Substitutions for the core economics courses are possible in special cases. Students considered by the admissions committee to have an inadequate mathematics background must take one or two semester-long mathematics courses, most commonly MATH 223 Linear Algebra and multivariable calculus MATH 222 Calculus 3.

To enter the MA from the Qualifying year program, a student must earn a GPA of at least a 3.2 in the program approved by the QY academic advisor, and a minimum grade of B in all courses. Where mathematics courses are included in a Qualifying Year student's program, the requirement of a minimum grade of B applies to those courses. A student may be in the Qualifying Year program for only one year. Neither the University nor most granting agencies provide financial support for QY students. In all cases, after the completion of a Qualifying Year, an applicant interested in commencing a degree program must apply for admission by the posted deadline.

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