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MA - Alumni


Year MA Recipient Thesis Title Supervisor
2024 Ji, Menglin The effects of monetary policies on foreign direct investment--Cross countries studies during COVID-19 period                               J. Karaguesian                             


Year MA Recipient Thesis Title Supervisor
2023 Cueva Urbina, Ana-Paula Can we predict COVID-19 hospitalizations in Peru using google data? F. Grimard
2023 Wei, Shutong Property rights, institutions, and social storms in developing economies F. Grimard
2023 Zhou, Jiawen Examining insurance coverage and state health programs in addressing childhood chronic conditions: A preliminary study E. Strumpf
2023 Hou, Margaret Navigating the Chinese stock market: The importance of ESG news J. Galbraith
2023 Deng, Wenying The impact of the minimum wage on employment F. Saltiel
2023 Ali, Hamza A comprehensive study of the gender education gap F. Saltiel
2023 Zhang, Ruixu The return of schooling in contemporary China F. Saltiel
2023 Lubin, Christian Solving the lifetime consumption savings problem with deep-Q-learning D. Barczyk
2023 Ding, Yike A horizontal merger simulation in the Chinese electric vehicle industry L. Zhang
2022 Elfeitori, Mohammad Forecasting the Libyan currency exchange rate: a time-series analysis J. Galbraith
2022 Ialenti, Robert Assessing the impacts of uncertainty on firm performance J. Galbraith
2022 Zhao, Haoxue Effects of cognitive and non-cognitive skills on labour outcomes in China F. Saltiel
2022 St-Onge, Alexandre Stock purchasing decision forecast: A machine learning classifier approach J. Galbraith
2022 Maillard, Gregoire The unpromising future of Quebec’s monetary sovereignty: A structural vector autoregressive analysis and a labour mobility approach F. Alvarez-Cuadrado
2022 Racicot, Alek Nowcasting Canadian GDP using machine learning algorithms on google trends data

J. Galbraith

2022 Tian, Kang Whether the benefits of keeping potential dropouts at school outweigh the cost? The effect of minimum dropout age on youth behaviour F. Amodio
2022 Guo, Jingjie The marijuana legalization laws on crime: evidence from U.S. States, 1979-2020 S. Chaudhuri
2022 Gursoy, Ali Ege

Constructing an election simulation model for the upcoming parliamentary elections in Turkey

J. Galbraith
2022 Ou, Haiyue Racial difference in the effect of unemployment on fertility: in the case of the United States F. Saltiel
2022 Ragupathi, Krithika A hundred days, a million tweets: A correlational study of Bitcoin market variables and Twitter sentiment D. Barczyk
2022 Lokhandwala, Saifali An econometric evaluation of the Criminal Amendment Act of 2013 F. Amodio
2022 Bennett, Graham The indigenous earnings gap and post-secondary attainment in 2015 F. Lange
2022 Zhu, Yanliang Time it takes to find a worker: Estimating the job vacancy fill rate in Canada from 2015 to 2022 F. Lange
2022 Aker, Kayra

Measuring the social impact of climate change and forecasting the rise in temperatures in Quebec using a seasonal autoregressive integrated moving average (SARIMA) model

D. Barczyk
2022 Torchia, Mathieu Measuring the impact of CSR programs on student achievement: An OLS approach F. Saltiel
2022 Steyn, Ceciline The impact of school closures on parental labour supply: Evidence from the Covid-19 pandemic F. Saltiel
2022 Nolette Lavigne, Guyaume Life-cycle model with portfolio choice and labor supply choice extension D. Barczyk
2022 Xu, Jiawei Monetary analysis and ARIMA-Based forecasts of Canadian core inflation under COVID-19 pandemic F. Alvarez-Cuadrado
2022 Kang, Sianne The long-term health and socioeconomic consequences of early life exposure to civil war: An analysis of Bangladeshi women F. Grimard
2022 Can Bilgen, Hasan Agent-based simulation of combinatorial auctions for timber: Case study of the Bureau de Mise en Marche des Bois de Quebec H. Benchekroun
2022 Guo, Junfei One-child policy and its regional effects on sex ratio at birth S. Laszlo


Year MA Recipient Thesis Title Supervisor
2021 Singhai, Prachi Gender wage gap in India F. Amodio
2021 Ethier, Noemi Overview of the optimal incarceration rate in the United States F. Grimard
2021 Barnreuther, Joanna The Effect of the Entry into Force of the Amendments to the Basel Convention on Global Plastic Waste Trade H. Benchekroun
2021 Giangiulio, Blaize Assessing the Impact of Sanctions and Policy on Trade in the Age of Trump: an Application of the Gravity Model F. Alvarez-Cuadrado
2021 He, Zifan Analysis on the effect of microeconomic policy of Property tax in China L. Xue
2021 Lalonde, Tamara A Behavioural Approach of Economics' Decision-Making Processes Applied to a Context of Development: A Literature Review F. Grimard
2021 Le, Leslie Sanitation in the Philippines: An impact evaluation on partial financial subsidies in sanitation program F. Grimard
2021 Lei, Yang Game-Theoretical Model and Decision-Making Approach in Venture Capital L. Xue
2021 Liang, Joseph Academic Clickbait: A Keyword and Regularization-Based Approach? J. Galbraith
2021 Liu, Yiming Do college double majors give you higher returns F. Amodio
2021 Maves-Moore, Nathan Turbulent Tech: Forecasting Tech Stocks’ Weekly Realized Volatility with Discrete Wavelet Decomposition and Artificial Neural Networks J. Galbraith
2021 Najjar, Shahed Infrastructure and Development F. Grimard
2021 Hilmi, Hassan The Wage Effect of Immigration on Native Workers: A Comparison of the Local Labor Market at the National and State Level F. Saltiel
2021 Song, Jiaxin Research About the Effect of Government Subsidy on Research and Development Investment of Chinese New Energy L. Xue
2021 Albuja Arellano, Diego Access to Justice and property rights: the microeconomic impact of the construction of new courts across Kenya M. Chemin
2020 Matteau, Elodia The short- and long-term impacts of energy shocks on education, employment and wages: Evidence from oil provinces in Western Canada N. Gendron-Carrier
2020 Andrade, Clement

Comparative Economic Analysis between Myanmar and Vietnam

F. Grimard
2020 Riel, Marie-Laure Macroeconomic Shocks and Microfinance: Evidence from the Indian Demonetization F. Amodio
2020 Cheng, Junrui Model and forecast dynamic correlation between the crude oil market and stock market during the coronavirus pandemic with ARIMAX and Neural Network J. Galbraith
2020 Doucette, Michael A Ratio Approach to Mathematical Modeling of Infectious Disease J. Galbraith
2020 Gou, Yunyao The Effect of Influencer on the Introduction of New
Product: Low-Calorie Ice-cream
L. Xue
2020 Huang, Yuejia Parental In uence on Children's Career Choices and Monetary
Outcomes: A Bayesian Analysis
J. Galbraith
2020 Jiang, Zhaoqi An Empirical Study of House Price and House Price Index J. Galbraith
2020 John, Shania Impact of Civil Conflict on Food Security, Fuel Scarcity and Short-Run Expectations for Living Conditions: Evidence from High-Frequency Survey Data on South Sudan M. Chemin
2020 Kapoor, Vibhu Capital flows and stock prices – Evidence from a panel of countries F. Alvarez-Cuadrado
2020 MacDonald, Melissa Two Methods: Calculating the minimum wage employment effects in Canada N. Gendron-Carrier
2020 Martinez, Maria Cristina  Intergenerational Mobility of Education in Ecuador F. Amodio
2020 Mercier, Gabriel Analysis of the effect of the U.S. Federal Reserve's quantitative easing policy spillover effect on emerging market economies following the 2008 financial crisis V. Zinde-Walsh
2020 Patel, Khaushil A Comparison of Formal Models of Common Knowledge and Their Implications R. Dutta
2020 Pavlov, Alexandre Transportation Costs and Spatial Distribution of Clinical Trials in the United States V. Panousi
2020 Shaw, Maria Similar outcome, different costs: a quasi-experimental study of the tuition freeze in Alberta R. Castro
2020 Shyam, Ashwin Does A Reformed and Independent Judiciary Lead to Better Economic Outcomes? Evidence from a Village Court Reformation Program in Bangladesh M. Chemin
2020 Sun, Shuxin Can Consumer Trust Boost Final Price Sold Online? Analysis of eBay’s Dataset R. Dutta
2020 Willard Argyres, Dominique The Effect of Medicaid Expansion on the Labor Market; Evidence from the United States, 2014 to 2018 N. Gendron-Carrier
2020 Yu, Haoyang Predict expected credit loss for retail loan: Using survival analysis for probability of default estimation J. Galbraith
2020 Zuo, Mingming Procrastination in Marriage Decision: What For? R. Dutta


Year MA Recipient Thesis Title Supervisors
2019 Mbaye, Massaer

Agricultural Incentives and Price Distortion on Rice in Nigeria

F. Grimard
2019 Matteau, Elodia The short- and long-term impacts of energy shocks on education, employment and wages: Evidence from oil provinces in Western Canada N. Gendron-Carrier
2019 Brisson, Ian An Index for Blended Finance F. Grimard
2019 Korsak, Denis Statistical Analysis of the Relationship between Prices of Crude Oil and Russian ruble V. Zinde-Walsh
2019 Song, Bo Corporate Social Responsibility and Firm’s Ability to Collude under Asymmetry H. Benchekroun
2019 Ding, Mengxue Bertrand Competition with Network Externalities - with Comparison to the Cournot Competition L. Xue
2019 Liu, Jia The introduction of energy transition in China R. Cairns
2019 Rondon Rodriguez, Gabriel MSTest: An R-package for Testing Markov-Switching Models J-M. Dufour
2019 Sauvageau, Flavie Coping with Climate Change : A longitudinal analysis of adaptative choices by smallholder farmers in Ethiopia F. Amodio
2019 Jain, Erwan Asset Pricing Model and Prospect Theory J. Galbriath
2019 Zhou, Xuemeng An Overview of the Emissions Trading R. Cairns
2019 Fall, Marie Health and Economic Growth in Low Income Countries: Panel Data Analysis F. Grimard
2019 Azerot, Audrey Relative Income and Inequality in a Pseudo-Complex Economy D. Barczyk
2019 Guo, Youming The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Chinese Energy Intensity F. Grimard
2019 Jain, Rishika Testing the Efficient Market Hypothesis for the Istanbul Stock Exchange J-M. Dufour
2019 Leger, Manon

A Laboratory Study of Nudge in Retirement Savings

J. Engle-Warnick
2019 Daly, Liam Do remittances insure against local income shocks? Evidence from rural Senegal F. Amodio
2019 Zhang, Lan The Reputational Feedback Mechanism In E-Commerce L. Xue
2019 Oledan, Jan Tuko Pamoja: the Impact of High-Quality, Low-Cost English Tutoring on Student Grades and Survey Outcomes in Rural Kenya M. Chemin
2019 Hu, Mingjun The Effects of China’s One-Child Policy on Educational Attainment, Evidences from CHNS Dataset Updated in 2015 F. Grimard
2019 Lebeau, Sophia Anxiety, Depression, and Gender: Estimating the Impact of Flexible Work Schedules F. Grimard
2019 Marino Moreno, Paola Sectoral Productivity Dynamics and Structural Transformation: Columbian and South Korean Case. F. Lange
2019 Mokaya, Momanyi The effect of the independence of the Judiciary. Evidence from Kenya. M. Chemin
2018 Abidi, Syed Cohort inequality in South Africa A Decomposition Exercise F. Lange
2018 Choudhary, Aditi National Lok Adalat: Solution for clearing backlogs in subordinate courts of India? M. Chemin
2018 Gong, Yiran Forecasting Canadian GDP and Inflation: Evaluation of Factor Models S. Goncalves
2018 Guiton, Francis The Relative Attractiveness of Airport Taxi Trips: Evidence from Queuing Lines at JFK L. Lasio
2018 Gurbani Kaur, Gurbani Kaur Why do households generate waste? Modelling household consumption and Food waste behaviour under uncertainty. L. Xue
2018 Gurer, Asli Do Second Medical Use Patents Deliver What They Promise? :The Case of the Drug Lyrica in France L. Lasio
2018 Hung, Chih-min Formation of Regional Trade Agreements and Global Free Trade L. Xue
2018 Ji, Tao Behavior in Commons Dilemma: Cooperation and Punishment H. Benchekroun
2018 Joshi, Falguni Jaya North American Free Trade Agreement: Past, Present and Future H. Benchekroun
2018 Ma, Jishua An Empirical Analysis of Stock Return Factors Based on Spatial CAPM J-M. Dufour
2018 Montpetit, Sebastien The title is The Impact of IMF Lending on Economic Development: The Case of African Countries F. Grimard
2018 Shantz, Zachary Evaluating Manitoba’s Basic Annual Income Experiment: How does a Negative Income Tax Affect Recipients’ Labour Supply? F. Lange
2018 Sharma, Samridhi A Comparative Study on Child Healthcare between India and China: What can India do better to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 3 for children? F. Grimard
2018 Tao, Shuai 3-Player Bargaining Problem of Free Trade Agreement Formation L. Xue
2018 Temnikov, Julien The effects of Human Capital on GDP per Capital F. Grimard
2018 Zhang, Guangrui   F. Grimard
2018 Zhu, Wenjun Negotiating free trade under different bargaining procedures L. Xue
2018 Yang, Kun Does RMB undervalued? Empirical evidences based on Balassa-Samuelson model F. Alvarez-Cuadrao


Year MA Recipient Thesis Title Supervisors
2017 Zhang, Tingting Women's Employment and Domestic Violence in Tanazia S. Laszlo
2017 Xu, Zhongli A Research about the effect of Intra-family Knowledge diffusion - based on the evidence from Albania L. Xue
2017 Braun, Trevor Evaluating the Success and Impact of the Personal Responsibility and Work Reconciliation Act of 1996 F. Amodio
2017 Ahmed, Kazi Noman Determinants of Taxi Tips in New York City in 2013 T. Papageorgiou
2017 Yang, Fan Investment Choices with and without Robo-Advisor J. Engle-Warnick
2017 Yao, Yunyi

Competition in the Restaurant Industry in Canada

R. Cairns

Hoang, Chinh

Analysis of Foreign direct investment and economic growth in Vietnam

J-M. Dufour
2017 Anderson, Frazer

Fragility and the Canadian Housing Market: A Catalyst for Economic Instability

C. Ragan
2017 Luyao, Wang

Newest Updates on the Efficiency of China’s Stock Markets

L. Xue
2017 Wang, Tingting

Effects of Mergers and Acquisitions: Evidence from the Canadian Stock Market

L. Xue
2017 Li, Yiwei

Targeting Individual Choice Behavior: A Comparison of Survey and Experimental Elicitation

J. Engle-Warnick
2017 Qi, Chenglin

Does Prize-linked Savings throw off Naïve diversification?

J. Engle-Warnick
2017 Liu, Duan

Robot adviser and investors’ incentive to pay and follow the advice, applying prospect theory and risk preference theory

J. Engle-Warnick
2017 Song, Yalin

Real exchange rate and economic growth: a tradeable-led growth channel investigation

F. Alvarez-Cuadrado
2017 Stokes, Tyrel

Indices as Predictors of Qualitative Investment Performance

J. Engle-Warnick
2017 El Malt, Omar

Egypt’s Trade Balance in the Short and the Long Run: A Vector Error Correction Approach

N. Long
2017 Liu, Xiao

The Overview on Stranded Assets: How might Assets be Stranded

R. Cairns
2017 Bravo, Andre

Toward identifying potential beneficiaries of GDP-Indexed bonds

N. Long
2017 Zhou, Yujie

Estimating Price Value of Shiller’s Perpetual Claims Market for a Selection of Asian Countries

N. Long
2017 Morin, Philippe

Trade Liberalization and Cross-Border Mergers

N. Long
2017 Tang, Jia

Estimation of Carbon Dioxide Embodied in China-Canada Trade and Analysis of the Driving Forces

N. Long

Mohrmann,  Aurelia

Heckscher-Ohlin model applied to Agricultural Land and Water Scarcity

N. Long
2017 Gu, Ximeng

Overconfidence, Financial Literacy and Investors’ Behavior

J. Engle-Warnick + S. Laszlo
2017 Harding, Adriene

The Role of R&D Spending within a Public Policy Framework to Facilitate Technological Innovation in Renewable Energy

C. Barrington-Leigh + C. Green
2017 Au Yong Lyn, Audrey

Demographics and the Agricultural Productivity Gap

F. Amodio + J. Kurien
2017 Cao, Yue

The Effects of Information and Communication Technology on
International Trade and Offshoring of Goods and Services,
with Specific Reference to Trade between China and Canada

N. Long + H. Benchekroun
2017 Kramb, Jason

Network Effects and the Establishment of a Proper Framework for Legalized Online Poker in the United States

C. Green + J. Kurien
2017 Musleh, Mahir

The causes of exchange rate volatility and the effect of exchange rate volatility on the economic growth in Bangladesh

N. Long + V. Zinde-Walsh
2016 Song, Yiqin

Determinants of Health Care Expenditure: In A Cointegration Approach

E. Strumpf and S. Chaudhuri
2016 Brar, Rajdev Testing the fetal origins hypothesis in rural India: Investigating the impacts of early-life rainfall shocks on health outcomes of children S. Laszlo
2016 Naff, Theodore Strategy and Longevity: Bequest Motives in the HRS Exit Interviews D. Barczyk + M. Chemin
2016 Han, Xinzhu

Can Preferential Trade Agreements Represent the Interests of Globalization 

N. Long + R. Cairns
2016 Min, Heejin

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): An Economic Assessment

N. Long + H. Benchekroun
2016 Gagnon, Dominique Measuring Labour Market Tightness; Accounting for Heterogeneity in Labour Market Attachment F. Lange + F. Amodio
2016 Cheng, Shiman

Parental migration and school dropout behavior of children in rural China

C. Green + S. Chaudhuri
2016 Anaekwe, Ogonna

The Cost of Apprenticeship: A Theoretical Model

H. Benchekroun + N. Long
2016 Berro, Nour

Moving beyond oil: Opportunities for Saudi Arabia in solar power generation

R. Cairns + T. Papageorgiou
2016 Belanger, Hugo

The Dutch Disease in a federation: The case of Canada

H. Benchekroun + N. Long

2016 Di Marzo, Lisa

Higher education in the United States: College enrollment trends in the land of opportunity.

D. Barczyk + T. Papageorgiou
2016 Dong, Weizhe

The Differences between the Determinants of Carbon Dioxide Emissions in China and Other Major CO2 Emitters

C. Green + F. Amodio
2016 Fournel, Jean-Francois

Proportional Representation in Canada

L. Xue

Jacques-Arvisais, Paskynel

Property rights for First Nations communities: The impact on income and investment of the First Nation Land Management Act

S. Laszlo + M. Chemin
2016 Kapisheva, Gaukhar

Natural Resources Curse

R. Cairns + N. Long
2016 Lang, Kemin

Trans-Pacific Partnership: An Unconventional Trade Pact

C. Green + N. Long
2016 Morey, Christian

Empirical Issues in Single-Industry Event Studies: Examining The Economic Effects of Canada's Aboriginal Rights Jurisprudence

V. Zinde-Walsh + N. Long
2016 Neves, Julien

Maximized Monte Carlo: an R package

R. Davidson + J-M. Dufour
2016 Paudel, Barsha

Detection of Rational Bubbles in the Toronto Stock Exchange, 1956-2016, using PWY and PSY Models

V. Zinde-Walsh + N. Long
2016 Redecker, Viktor

Retrospective Merger Simulation in the Low-Cost Airline Market

L. Lasio + T. Papageorgiou
2016 Rubinato, Taylor

The Effect of Public Insurance on the Use of Prescription Drugs: A Cross-Province Analysis among Seniors with Chronic Conditions

E. Strumpf + F. Amodio
2016 Samieenia, Mohammadjavad

An Evolutionary Approach to Multi-Jurisdiction Regulation and Enforcement for Transboundary Resources

H. Benchekroun + N. Long
2016 Sun, Zhangmengxue

Does Public Intervention Solve an Issue of Opioid Abuse in the United States?

L. Lasio + T. Velk
2016 Wang, Xiu

Do we have a moral anchor? An experimental design of norms and behaviour

J. Engle-Warnick + C. Ragan
2016 Xie, Tian

Carbon emissions, economic growth, and energy in fast-growing developing countries

V. Zinde-Walsh + R. Cairns


Year MA Recipient Thesis Title Supervisors
2015 Pendakur, Kala Traditional Economies and the Formal Labour Market Amongst Inuit in the Canadian Arctic F. Grimard and S. Laszlo
2015 Aberra, Adam

Impact of Access to the Judiciary: Field experiment from Kenya

M. Chemin and S. Laszlo
2014 Amundsen, Alexander Asymmetrical effects of monetary policy in small advanced economies. J. Handa and T. Velk
2014 Antoniazzi, Rafaela C. Vote buying: Evidence from Brazil. F. Grimard and S. Laszlo
2014 Bi, Junkai Does the government budget really affect the current account? A cointegration and panel analysis. J. Galbraith and N. Long
2014 Bourdages, Daniel The economic costs of sovereigntism: An event study of the 1995 Quebec referendum. N. Long and C. Green
2014 Bu, Yijie An analysis of Canadian government control policy of tobacco use. V. Zinde-Walsh and J. Li
2014 Khan, Sarah Effects of remittances and gender dimensions on household expenditure patterns in Nigeria. S. Laszlo and F. Grimard
2014 Tabani, Mahvish Higher education financing and income contingent loans. N. Long and C. Green
2014 Tong, Julian Paying for simplicity: Mixed bundling and complexity. J. Engle-Warnick and J. Li
2014 Twesigye, Derick Quantitative easing, forward guidance and the 2007-09 financial crisis in the US economy. T. Velk and J. Handa
2014 Wang, Yue Empirical analysis of stick returns and volatility using different GARCH-type models. J. Galbraith and J. Li
2014 Zhang, Zhaohui Public debt and economic growth: Evidence from developing countries. J. Galbraith and J. Kurien
2014 Kumar, Srishti

Effects Of A Housing Subsidy On Food Security Of Homeless Individuals

S. Laszlo and E. Latimer
2014 Martin, Elise

Comparing Carbon Policies

C. Ragan and C. Green
2014 Dobrescu, Alexandru

The impact of recession on alcohol consumption in Canada

D. Barczyk and S. Laszlo
2014 Cunningham, Brandon The economics of carbon sequestration in coastal wetlands N. Long and R. Cairns
2014 Fahimi, Mostafa The role of labor market frictions in pricing assets F. Alvarez-Cuadrado and B. Croitoru
2014 McKewen, Kyle Heterogenity and endogeneity in the income-happiness relationship. Evidence from Canada V. Zinde-Walsh and J. Galbraith
2014 You, Zi The importance of CEO's educational background M. Poschke and D. Barczyk


Year MA Recipient Thesis Title Supervisors
2013 Ayerst, Stephen Asset returns with uninsurable risk and multiple industries M. Poschke and D. Barczyk
2013 Cao,Yuanchuan Estimation on function spaces with countable basis V. Zinde-Walsh and R. Davidson
2013 Chang, Yu-Cheng Determinants of objective health outcomes on life satisfaction: A panel analysis on Canadian longitudinal data C. Barrington-Leigh and E. Strumpf
2013 Liang, Sheng Public debt and growth: Evidence and theory N.V. Long and J.Galbraith
2013 Li, Lok Bun Jeffrey Capturing VSTOXX futures Basis D. Barczyk and N.V. Long
2013 Nie, Miao A study of determinants of economic growth V. Zinde-Walsh
2013 Morin-Defoy, Vanessa Health information systems developing countries: A critical assessment F.Grimard and S. Laszlo
2013 Raut, Alex Where to eat? An analysis of household consumption S. Laszlo and F. Grimard
2013 Sayedahmed, Dilek The effect of sibling sex composition on female education and early fertility: Evidence from Cape Town, South Africa M. Chemin and F. Grimard
2013 Wang, Yuanchi The analysis of the Feldstein-Horioka puzzle: Evidence from China J. Handa and N.V. Long
2013 Zhang, Xiaofan How does the sovereign debt affect the exchange rate in developed countries? J. Galbraith and F. Alvarez-Cuadrado
2013 Zou, Wei Value of information and information of value: Relative information structure in the market lemons L. Xue and J. Li
2012 Ba, MA Soukha Impact de la migration et des transferts de fonds sur l'éducation: Cas du Senegal F. Grimard and S. Laszlo
2012 Hausfeld, Jan How pressure and anxiety caused by elaspsing time forces players to switch their preferences: an investigation of penalty kicks in football M. Sinitzyn and L. Xue
2012 Hong, Sanghyun Nonlinear effects of Policy shocks on stock Market returns: A Markov-Switching approach J. Handa and T. Velk
2012 Kordonsky, Ksenia Portfolio quality, women and microfinance: Do female borrowers have higher repayment rates: F. Grimard and M. Chemin
2012 Landry, Caroline Does homeownership affect employment duration? Evidence in Canada V. Zinde-Walsh and D. Barczyk
2012 Li, Mengyun Are there bubbles in the housing market of Hong Kong J. Galbraith and F. Alvarez-Cuadrado
2012 Nachabe, Samer Economics of search engine advertising L. Xue and M. Sinitsyn
2012 Pitts, David An assessment of DSGE model's forecasting accuracy J. Galbraith and V. Zinde-Walsh
2013 Tayyab, Omer Effects on aggregate variables of policy distortions with hetergenous plants M. Poschke and D. Barczyk
2012 Wang, Longfei A dynamic correlation between oil price shocks and stock returns of oil firms in Canada J. Galbraith and V. Zinde-Walsh


Year MA Recipient Thesis Title Supervisors
2011 Aevarsdottir, Anna Contraceptive knowledge and fertility: Evidence from Peru F. Grimard and S. Laszlo
2011 Chouaib, Karim The issues of Roma in Bulgaria F. Grimard and S. Laszlo
2011 Dai,Yi Real interest rate parity in six OECD countries since 2000 T. Velk and J. Handa
2011 Graham, Robert Revealed social discount rates for Canada from market data: the Canadian case for hyperbolic discounting R. Cairns and R. Davidson
2011 Grittner, Amanda Melina The effectiveness of health aid. Does more aid lead to better health care? F. Grimard and M. Chemin
2011 Hiscock, Robert Jarvis The impact of hyperinflation: Testing whether money is neutral and super neutral over the long-run in South American economies J. Handa and F. Alvarez-Cuadrado
2011 Li, Jie Testing for asymmetric pricing in the Canadian retail gasoline market M. Sinitsyn and M. Poschke
2011 Lord, Guillaume International agreements on stock pollutants: Effects of non-participation and computability issues H. Benchekroun and L. Xue
2011 Ma, Jie Financial development and technology adoption: Across country panel data result M. Poschke and T. Velk
2011 Moscoe, Ellen Who wants formal insurance? Social networks and insurance take-up in Kenya M. Chemin and F. Grimard
2011 Mshvidobadze, Anastasia Identifying leaders through content analysis of experimental data J. Engle-Warnick and S. Laszlo
2011 Muro, Max Do institutions related to capital markets affect the level of cross border equity flow? F. Alvarez-Cuadrado and D. Sutthiphisal
2011 Picon Giraldo, Lina Maria The impact of violence on social expenditure: The case of the Peruvian Social Fund (FONCODES) S. Laszlo and F. Grimard
2011 Reynolds, Chantelle The effects of FDI on domestic investment in developing vs. developed Countries D. Sutthiphisal and F. Alvarez-Cuadrado
2011 Squires, Munir Ambiguity aversion and sweet potato varitites in Peru: Background paper S. Laszlo and F. Grimard
2010 Aradski, Miroslav Growth with(out) corruption F. Grimard and S. Laszlo
2010 Boothman, Timothy Canada's carbon pricing strategy: A reappraisal M. Sinitsyn and N.V. Long
2010 Choi, Doo Hyun Can restriction on the cultural trade improve the domestic market of cultural goods? The policy of film industry: South Korea (screen quota), UK (tax relief) N.V. Long and H. Benchekroun
2010 Daneshvar,Cambiz Does openess to trade discourage investment in education in low-income countries? S. Laszlo and F. Grimard
2010 Fatema, Naureen Estimating household willingness-to-pay (WTP) for crop insurance in the floodplains of rural Bangladesh R. Cairns and S. Laszlo
2010 Forte, Sebastien Bankruptcy rates over the business cycle: An investigation of the effect of aggregate shocks in a partial equilibrium M. Poschke and F. Alvarez-Cuadrado
2010 Ibrahim, Roukaya Mother's education and children's health in Egypt: Analysis and implications F. Grimard and S. Laszlo
2010 Jiao, Feng First and second price auctions, secret reservation price, and endogenous entry M. Sinistyn and T. Kunimoto
2010 Katcho, Jean-Pierre Is the video game industry recession-proof D. Sutthiphisal and F. Alvarez-Cuadrado
2010 Kazmi, Sibt-ul-Hasnain GDP per capita, saving and population growth F. Grimard and N.V. Long
2010 Khalid, Mustafa Inflation dynamics in an emerging market economy Data from Pakistan and India J. Handa and T. Velk
2010 Lalonde, Christine The effects of privatization on access to water and sanitation in Peru: Facts and evaluation challenges S. Lazlo and F. Grimard
2010 Lam, Yat Ki Socio-economic determinants of internal migration in Cambodia S.Laszlo and D. Sutthiphisal
2010 Loosen, Anne Do fast-track coursts temper judicial delay in India? M. Chemin and F. Grimard
2010 Mendoza Rodriquez, Jose M. International remittances and household expenditures: A mental accounting exercise on Honduran Households S. Laszlo and F. Grimard
2010 Miao, Lin Performance of simple moving average trading rules: Evidence from the Hong Kong stock market 1987-2010 V. Zinde-Walsh and F. Alvarez-Cuadrado
2010 Morin, Stephane Microfinance impact evaluation: Analysis of evidence from Bangladesh and Sierra Leone F. Grimard and S. Laszlo
2010 Mukherjee, Deotima Competition in the search engine industry: An empirical approach M. Sinitsyn and N.V. Long
2010 O'Leary-Barrett, Eimear Returns to work experience abroad: An investigation of the case of Mexican migrants to the United States J. Hunt and S. Laszlo


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