PhD Job Market Candidates 2020-2021


Tianyu He

FIELDS OF STUDY: Econometrics, Applied Econometrics, Labor Economics
JOB MARKET PAPER: Measuring Inequality for Winners and Losers: Extended Lorenz Curves and Gini Indices for Possibly Negative Variables
ADVISOR(S): Jean-Marie Dufour, Victoria Zinde-Walsh, Russell Davidson

Andrei Munteanu

FIELDS OF STUDY: Economics of Education, Labor Economics, Applied Microeconomics
JOB MARKET PAPER: Student Sorting and Academic Achievement
ADVISOR(S): Fabian Lange, Francesco Amodio

Sau Lai Book

FIELDS OF STUDY: International Trade, Development Economics, Applied Microeconomics
JOB MARKET PAPER TITLE: Spatial Networks, Knowledge Diffusion and International Trade
ADVISOR(S):Ngo Van Long, Francesco Amodio, John Galbraith


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